Is the Civil Rights Movement similar to the Gay Rights Movement?

  • Equal rights for all

    The gay communities are peacefully protesting and asking that they get equal rights just as any man or women would, whether they be straight, gay, or bisexual. We are all human being and it shouldn't matter which sex partner you choose if you love them then it is all right.

  • Yes, very similar.

    I think that gay rights are similar to black rights because back when blacks were mistreated they were hung beat and hosed down, have you seen the news lately? Some of these similar attacks are happening to gays. It isn't fair, i am writing a report on something current that connects to something in the past, the first thing that came to mind was blacks being mistreated and gays being mistreated. So i think yes, they are very similar.

  • Thankfully very similar

    The main characteristic that makes the gay rights and civil rights movement different is the fact that LGBT people are essentially an "invisible" minority. You cannot look at someone and know that they are gay. If that were possible, I'm sure we would have seen "straight only" parks and businesses. Many places still prohibit gays from entering. It is still very much legal in most states to discriminate on housing, employment, and almost all other basic areas of life on sexual orientation. In regions such as this, being gay is something you hide in order to preserve your financial livelihood. I truly believe that if it were not for the progression of the Civil Rights Movement, LGBT people might very well be wearing Yellow Stars. I believe any oppression of people is all the same. I believe African-Americans experienced a much easier form of discrimination due to their skin pigmentation, but if LGBT individuals were unable to hide their identity, the movements would have been synonymous in all regards. There are key differences though: in many places, just being gay is a crime punishable by death ,imprisonment, or castration. This was not the case for Africans. There is little documentation that suggests Africans were as financially affluent as many LGBT Americans. The movement were still based on the same concept though: oppression.

  • Firefly128 has no idea what he's talking about.

    Most of the arguments on the "no" side consist of the same general points. First off, so I can correct any of the inept nit-wits who think this way: Homosexuality is NOT a choice. It is not a learned behavior. It's not similar to drinking alcohol, and its not a behavior that can be "chosen to not act upon". Did you all choose to be heterosexual? Or were you born that way? Exactly. It's the exact same thing. God might even condemn all of you who do not accept your brother. You do not judge others. It says it in the bible, we have learned it in kindergarten, and yet still people have trouble with this.

    Secondly, Firefly, people react that way when they aren't being treated as an equal. Thats why its not acceptable, thats why people lose their jobs, because they are hateful people. This is a fight for equality for all people. I'm still not able to eat in certain restaurants or shop where I'd like in Indiana. Nobody cares about your religion or your beliefs. You have to be accepting of others who are different. Thats just how it is. You don't have to love it, you just need to be accepting of it. Another skill you should have learned in Kindergarten. You may be able to make it sound like you are intelligent, but your thinking derives from a lack thereof.

    People are so dumb, and its terribly sad to see how many idiots think this way in 2015. You are all pretending to be intelligent and wise in your words, as if you really know what you're talking about. In reality, you've just masked your bigotry in larger words that are meant for educated people. You tried your best, but it doesn't hide the fact that you're all inept ignorant bigots.

  • Constitution states all men are created equally

    During the Civil Rights movement it was stated over several times that the constitution clearly states that all men are created equally. And although the fight for black rights may be more severe due to the act of slavery it does not change the fact that all men are created equally meaning that all citizens of America deserve the same rights and treatment. The gay rights movement and civil rights movement may be for two different causes but in the end all those participating in either movement are fighting for the same thing which is freedom.

  • Not the same, but similar

    The Gay Civil rights movement is similar to the civil rights movement of the past because it involves oppressed people fighting to gain the rights held by everyone else. Both have endured injustices from the majority - and while these injustices are not all the same, they are cut from the same cloth of bigotry. They both have endured beatings for being who they are. African Americans endured slavery and the poverty that comes along with systematic oppression. Homosexuals have endured being ostracized by their own families. All rights are human rights, it doesn't make any sense to distinguish the civil rights of minorities because of the color of their skin from those of minorities because of their sexual preferences.

  • Not the same but very Similar

    While it can't be compared to slavery, The fact that people want rights denied to certain people based on their morals or beliefs makes both these movements the same. Back then it was people thinking black people were inferior to whites, now it's people believing that somehow gay people are monsters that will convert their children. With all these religions preaching to love thy neighbor people should do just that. Let everyone do what makes them happy and live their lives. Anyone against gay equal rights should watch the short movie ''love is all you need'' hopefully it'll at least make you think and see the other side.

  • Similar is key word people keep missing

    While blacks suffered through slavery and dogs and waterhoses.Jim crow!
    I'm saying the verbage used against gay people is the exact same things said about blacks...In kansas and arizona right now in 2014 they are passing laws that legal discriminate against gay people...Some of whom happen to be black!

    It isn't the same exact thing but it is similar

  • Does this really need explaining?

    Blatant oppression of a groups freedom. Yes we may not have been enslaved, but does that mean we don't feel hurt all the same by not being aloud to be with someone we love or be in danger because of it? Just because we didn't endure the years of hardship doesn't mean we don't have our fair share of discrimination for extremely illegitimate reasons that truly boil down to peoples blatant fear of change and allowing anything new to blossom.

  • So we are saying numbers matter?

    The reality of it all is that we as a people in this day an age are so far away from the years of slavery and segregation that not even our grandparents can recall the horrible events that have happened but yet we African Americans seem to correlate those distant images and stories of history with WHO we are today and that is not the message. Black History is meant to brighten and highlight the trials and tribulation which have made us WHAT we are as a community, as a culture, as a people. Those times have nothing to do with our personalities or characteristics so therefore truth is we as African Americans of this age cannot even equate to those times and make the feelings come off as raw and natural opposed to our great great grandmothers. It just sounds completely eulogistic, not saying that it shouldnt be remembered because I most definitely would not be here if none of that happened but I dont look at my white counterpart and feel I am in competition with him in any sphere of society because I as a black man is willingly accepted into the spheres which many believe we have to show ourselves apart but we don't, its up to you to make out what racism is and means but I can say as of today is has nothing to do with the Civil Rights Movement, more of upbringing. Whats is fully alive and something we will be able to remember vividly is the struggle for Gays as it has rose equally from the times of segregation and slavery some of the most prominent Black people we worship were homosexual: Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Alain Locke, Bruce Nugent.. All around the time that the "initial" form of racism was occurring,doesnt mean they didnt feel oppress in their sexuality. People were also killed, starting from the 70's on up ( after segregation came to an end) and up to this year people arent respected for their lifestyle, and it is just the same as being black. When I walk in a building I dont see "Whites" or "Blacks" only anymore, I sit on the bus where I want, and I roam the streets peacefully. But when I look at the map of the so called United States I can see that only 13 of 50 states do not allow gays to marry. So you say don't equate Gay Rights to Civil RIghts because it cant amount to the 148 years of slavery( in the US) and the 58 years of segregation, but its been living as an open secret for just as long and were just 103 years in the making with 37 more states to go. Just as back then we cannot see the pain going away and some will detest this saying it isnt pain because it isnt physical, but who says that all pain is physical?

  • Apples and Oranges

    You are trying to make a comparison between two entirely different fights. Gay people have rights. They have civil unions. African Americans however cannot change the color of their skin. They had to fight for their right to vote. Gay people can vote. They can sit anywhere on a bus, use any fountain, etc.

  • Has their children ever been sold off into slavery?

    When gays are considered 3/4 a human then they can talk. When gays have gone through the middle passage then they can talk. When gays are examined like cattle then they can talk. When gays are slave due to their mothers status as one then they can talk. When gays are forced to sit at the back of the bus then they can talk. When gays have water hoses and police dogs used against them then they can talk. Compare Jackie Robinson to Ellen Degeneres and tell me the've gone through the same thing, if you do you're a liar I could go on but I think you know what I'm getting at, STOP USING MY ANCESTORS FOR YOUR PERSONAL GAIN!!!

  • The Civil Rights Movement is not similar

    The Civil Rights Movement is not similar to the Gay Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement was based on a slavery and suppression system that would not allow blacks and other minorities to vote and hold certain positions in office. It was a much more profound movement that affected millions and generations to come. The Gay Rights Movement has an impact, but nowhere near to the extent of the Civil Rights Movement.

  • No it's not.

    The Gay Rights movement is about acceptance of a social behavior. The Civil Rights movement was about gaining voting rights, public accommodations, proper school funding for minority schools etc. And gender equality. Homosexuals do not fit the description of an ethnic group and gender equality was gained for them in the Civil Rights struggle. The rights they claim to be fighting for they already have. The acceptance they fight for they already have. More people are accepting of their struggle than the blacks and other minorities who were a part of the Civil Rights movement. Look at any footage of the Civil Rights movement and notice the extreme amount of violence there. You see little if any of this in gay pride parades. Most of the hate and violence that is experienced is against those who oppose this. They are called bigots and homophobes when the fact is these people aren't protesting gays themselves but their insistence of imposing their lifestyle on them. Most people could care less who they sleep with. They just don't want this lifestyle imposed on them. You can't force a race or gender on someone, but you can a lifestyle. Besides all the science that's out there have proved that people aren't born homosexual. Blacks are born black. Men are born men despite their mental perception. This is just a natural fact despite the lies and propaganda that has been put out there to the contrary.

  • No the Civil Rights Movement Is not Similar to the Gay Rights Movement

    There is a big difference between fighting for rights as a gay person and fighting for rights as a person of color. People of color have no choice over letting everyone know the color of their skin is different. It's a reality that exists day in and day out and the color of their skin is always out there for everyone to see. Therefore their rights feel more immediate to obtain because of how it affects their daily life. The Gay Rights movement shouldn't appropriate the Civil Rights Movement, but instead make their own.

  • No they're clearly not

    The right to marry is not a civil right. The state is not obliged to allow just anyone to marry anyone. We can't marry someone else if we are already married. We can't marry if we are 10 years of age. We can't marry a close relative. The civil rights movement was over race, something that is genetically given. That's not so with homosexuality which is a learned behaviour.

  • No it isnt

    You choose who to have sex with. You don't choose your race. Also, businesses refusing to participate in gay weddings are being ostracized and attacked. Refusing service to someone because they're gay is not the same as refusing to participate in and cater to a gay wedding. The entire movement aims to engineer society. Gays are not being refused the right to votes or use the same fountain. They're not being lynched in mass. They are not forced to the back of the bus.

  • This question is insulting

    Slaves were ripped from their homeland, and chained on a boat that had terrible conditions. If they survived that treacherous trip, they were auctioned off along with cattle. They didn't have freedom of speech, they didn't have the right to protest, they couldn't even vote. They were not considered people. They were whipped and beaten for simple mistakes. They were over worked constantly. In order for them to escape they had to go through drastic measure such as mailing themselves in packages or the underground railroad. Choosing the underground railroad was not as easy as textbooks make it sound. People were caught running and helping run away slaves and they most died. Finally they were able to obtain segregation. Yes you read that right. Segregation was terrible but at least black man and woman could have jobs (with crappy pay) and could have their own homes (they still were economically poor). Many people still disagreed with them. Black people were hung, beaten, raped, et cetera. Finally the civil rights act was produced. Still today they are discriminate against. Most people believe the Civil Rights movement had to do with just segregation. It didn't these people were considered pigs. Today people have expressed their dislike towards gay rights, but are usually blow off balance by the hatred of the LGBT community protesters. Which was not always the case for black people. People who spoke out about equal rights while enslaved were considered punching bags. Yes people who classify themselves as being gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transexual have died. Not nearly enough to the scale of the Civil Rights act. Supporters of the LGBT community are praised by media. Those who supported the Civil Rights act were beaten or killed no matter their skin color (Though more black people were killed). If you classify you self as LGBT you can still purchase nice items without being questioned if they were stolen. You can get a job that pays a minimum wage or more. You can protest and speak up for yourselves. To compare the LGBT cause to the Civil Rights Act is an insult to all those who were involved in the Civil Rights Act.

  • Completely different issues

    The goal of the Civil Rights Movement was to overturn unjust laws that forced society to live in a segregated way. It was illegal before the Civil Rights Movement for a black man to marry a white woman. It was illegal for private restaurant owners to serve both whites and blacks in the same areas of their restaurants. There were separate churches, separate cemeteries, separate bathrooms, separate libraries. All of this was enforced by the power of the state. Even if you wanted to allow a black person to use the water fountain on your property, legally you couldn't. There have never been such laws regarding gay people. Legally we have never been required to segregate homosexuals from the rest of society. Sodomy laws criminalize certain sexual acts, but nowhere in our country's past has discrimination against homosexuals been forced upon society through the power of the state.

  • You will never see "Straight Only" or "Gay Only" water fountains.

    The whole idea that the gay rights movement can be equated to the Civil Rights Movement is preposterous. Especially with the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act recently, gay rights activists have blown the thing right out of proportion. For members of the black community of course you cannot choose the colour of skin you are born with. You have no choice in the matter. However, people who identify as gay do have a choice. Even if there is a "gay gene" or sexual orientation is determined by genetics (which is untrue), there is still the choice to act upon these feelings and desires. As a straight christian person, I didn't make a conscious choice to be straight but I do make the conscious whether or not to have premarital sex. I choose not to, just as a gay person can choose not to act upon these dispositional desires. The desire is there but you have to choose whether to act on that desire. People of the African American community don't have such a choice. Just my piece on it.

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