Is the Clear Skies Initiative be better than the Clean Air Act?

  • Clear Skies Initiative Wins

    In most measurements, the Clear Skies Initiative outperforms the Clean Air Act. Our government should focus upon the Clear Skies Act and build upon its policies for success. We need to keep our environment clean and properly maintained to avoid global warming and its consequences. Otherwise, such problems will only increase.

  • Yes, it is more far reaching.

    The Clean Air Act is a good initiative to help our atmosphere stay safe and good to breathe. However, it sounds as if the Clear Skies Initiative would be more far reaching and would take into account that our influence on the environment needs to take into account more than just a few thousand feet of air space.

  • Takes a Modern Update of Clean Air Act

    The Clean Air Act was about people's need to breathe clean air and to clean up smog. The Clear Skies Initiative is about reducing carbon emissions so global warming doesn't become a worldwide disaster. The Clean Air Act is 40 years old and it's time for an update, which is why we need Obama's Clear Skies Initiative to be put in place.

  • Clear Skies Over Clean Air Act

    The Clean Skies Initiative is better than the Clean Air Act. In reality, the CSI offers more vigorous policies for improving air quality and scaling back on global warming. Companies are further penalized for breaking these policies in comparison to the Clean Air Act. Therefore, the Clean Skies Initiative is recommended.

  • They are both bad legislation.

    No, the Clear Skies Initiative is not better than the Clean Air Act, because both pieces of legislation are bad for the environment. Both pieces of legislation also leave far to much arbitrary power in the hands of the government to shut down business in the name of the environment. Both the Clear Skies initiative and the Clean Air Act leave much to be desired for American interests.

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