Is The Cold war was the fault of Stalin? Or was their other world leaders, countries or historical events that push for the cold war.

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  • No it was because of the human nature

    Humans wants to dominate,after the WW2 there were two superpowers in the race for world domination. It was bound to happen sooner or later and it happened with the development of the technology and weapons such as the nuclear bombs. USA and the USSR were different in every aspect so that created the friction to start the "war".

  • Stalin's lie in the Yalta Conference caused the Cold War to erupt.

    In the Yalta Conference, Stalin promised to let the freed countries around Europe to create their new governments. However, Stalin nullified the promise and forcefully installed Communism governments in many Eastern European governments. The United States and other Western European countries decided to ally together to stop the communism from spreading to other continents. In addition, the United States mustered an organization called the NATO, which mainly consists of countries that touch the borders of the Soviet Union who wishes to be protected from it. Therefore, the United States created a formidable wall that would stop communism from spreading further to Europe. However, further struggles finally erupted when the Soviet Union switched their target to other continents such as Southern and Eastern Asia.

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