Is the commercialization of Christmas good for the economy?

  • Yes, it helps retailers.

    Yes, the commercialization of Christmas is good for the economy, because the Christmas season is very important for the retailers. Many retailers do not even start to turn a profit until the Christmas season. It is important for these retailers to provide jobs. The economy thrives around Christmas because people buy things they might not otherwise buy.

  • Good for Economy

    Yes Christmas is good for the economy. It has no bearing on my religious beliefs and helps to infuse money into the economy. With this uptick in spending it also gives rise to seasonal job hiring. This gives kids in high school the chance to make money and learn responsibilities in making money.

  • Clearly, it is.

    The holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier each year. Whether or not the economy is picking up is gauged on holiday sales. Commercialization of Christmas provides a need for part time holiday jobs. Without having Christmas be so commercialized, there are many people who would be without a job during the winter. Just because Christmas has become so commercialized does not mean the reason for the season is completely forgotten, though.

  • All Commercialization is Good for the Economy

    The commercialization of Christmas is very good for the economy. It is actually one of the best things for it to be honest. It makes people spend more money and pump money into the economy. Most people are sheep and if others are spending because of traditions of buying gifts on Christmas, they will too.

  • Yes, Christmas shopping stimulates the economy.

    I think that Christmas shopping is stimulating for the economy, so I see nothing wrong with commercializing it. We are still buying gifts for the ones we love to make them happy and it makes you feel good to make others happy. If we are helping the economy on the side, what's the harm?

  • Christmas is bad

    Christmas puts people in the poor house. Kids have too much today as it is. I think it's the month of December with all the different events around the cities and the traditions people have with their family that's fun. To me we could skip the gift giving and just get together with our families n friends more. That's what us humans need more of. A new iPhone doesn't create lasting bonds within families or among special friends. Quality happy times promote those lasting memories. Today family is divided and living hundreds or more miles from each other. The bad economy brings family back together because family has to live together like back when grandma and grandpa. Auntie and you and your mom all lived under the same roof because you had to. How many homeless people did they have back in the 30"s n 40"s. It seems we have way more today and I think that's because family is so spread apart and people are so selfish. We've hardened our hearts. A new ipad at Christmas will do just fine at making me happy in 2015. Christmas just is a huge let down followed by major bills. There's a lot of hurt people who miss their grand children due to immature adults and their nasty divorces. But a few over priced gifts you can't really afford might show the grand kids how much you miss them. Spending money at Christmas taps into peoples emotions and is like a bandaid on a broken leg. Sure the stores report record sales but how is the economy four months down the road when people miss their mortgage payment because they over spent at Christmas Time.?

  • No, but it's neither good, nor bad

    Christmas spending merely delays natural spending habits. More money isn't generated on the whole, however more money is spent in a sort of "burst" spending, taking from spending that normally would be blanketed over the whole of the year.

    That is to say, there is a minor drought of lack of spending before Thanksgiving, and during Thanksgiving and thereafter, a burst of spending.

  • Bad for the economy

    In the short-run it's beneficial and stimulative because it causes consumer spending and part-time holiday jobs. After the holidays, however, it causes damage to the environment (people buying new items and throwing out old ones) and the unemployment effects after the holidays would negatively affect the economy. Although, I have not found a lot of studies proving this.

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