Is the community or individual more important?

Asked by: SGM_iz_SekC
  • If you truly love yourself

    You will truly love others. It's insecurity and self hatred that lead to perverse thinking modes found in promoters of "individualism". Economic liberty has nothing to do with personal liberty. The limitation of personal liberty exists to maintain personal liberty. The idea that some are better than others and therefore more deserving is the product of depressed sociopaths looking to validate their own pathetic self-image.

  • Individualism is disgusting

    It involves people hurting others in order to act solely based on their personal needs and passion. It promotes selfishness, cupidity, uncleanliness and xenophobia, only to mention a few. More conservatively, it worsens the image of capitalism. Capitalism at its best involves people working for other people. At its worse, it involves people desiring to make more and more money at the expense of others.

  • I'd say a balance of both!

    Too much personal freedoms taken away and no one wants to do anything to support something, where they cannot express themselves and have no personal liberties. Although I am an anarchist, I still believe that if people do not work together nothing will be accomplished. Personal liberties should balance with cooperation. Community is yes and individual is no btw, sorry for any confusion.

  • The sovereign individual

    I'm an existentialist, so I strongly believe in individual choice and freedom. Communitarianism encourages the common good at the expense of individual rights in some to most cases. If you look at historical happenings, e.g. Nazi Germany and the War on Terror, individual liberties were infringed upon in the name of the "greater good".

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