Is the concept of "social enterprise" still alive?

  • Yes, it is still alive.

    Social Enterprise is still looked at as a massive PR boost for a variety of companies. Google for example are looking at ways to provide third world countries with accessible WiFi via the means of hot air balloons (similar to weather balloons) Microsoft also have their own charity which supports many different types of social enterprise across the world. Whilst they are definitely in the interest of the company they also provide benefits for mankind as a whole.

  • Scoial Enterprise is Dying in an incresingly competitive world

    Social enterprise describes companies that seek other outlets rather than profit. Some have humanitarian goals, others strive for social, political, and economic advancements. Society is becoming more profit driven every single day. These enterprises simply cannot survive due to lack of funding. The initiative certainly exists, but without a legitimate product or service they cannot overcome a laissez faire market.

  • It is just not living up to its promise

    It cannot be said that social enterprise is dead or not present anymore. In fact, it is still there but its not fully functional as it should be. Many businesses use social media in order to promote their growth and they no longer use any outdated technology to promote themselves.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe the concept of social enterprise is still alive. Yes, there may be a few small firms and businesses that uphold these ideals, but many think they are upholding them while providing too little. Social and environmental concerns are important but they go directly against the businesses that also seek a profit. Seeking a profit, to extremes, is extremely unmoral, but most American businesses do it anyway.

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