• Yes, and it's also a divisive symbol

    Some people think that the Confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride, which is why they display it on their cars and in front of their homes. However, it's actually a symbol for everything that the Confederate party stood for, including slavery and a divided feuding nation. The symbol of the Confederate flag is the opposite of peace.

  • Yes, the Confederate flag is a racist symbol.

    Due to its historical association with the slave-owning states during the Civil War, coupled with its use by white supremacist groups today, the Confederate flag is a racist symbol in many quarters today. Symbols essentially are in the eyes of the beholders. Meanings attach to objects and designs as a result of the manner in which they are used and the various associations made with them.

  • The confederate flag has come to represent racism.

    Although the confederate flag in and of itself is merely an expression of pride for the South. It represents a time in history during which slavery was legal and blacks were greatly mistreated. This is a key reason why it has been adopted as a symbol by white supremacist groups. Through this evolution, the confederate flag has, unfortunately, come to represent racism.

  • Heritage not hate.

    The confederate flag that every one is mos associated with is the that is on the general lee, in dukes of hazzard. This isn't even the official flag of the confederacy, it is in fact a battle flag, used by the Virgina and Tennesse armies during the civil warthis is call the southern cross. The official one that Jeffeson Davis approved of, is now the Georgia state flag, the real stars and bars. The diference is the symbol in the blue field, however its pretty much the same. But you dont see Georgia taking it down from its capital for no reason, you goddamn libtards.

  • The Confederate flag is not a racist symbol

    The Confederate flag is nothing more than a flag. It was simply representative of a nation that was quickly formed and defeated by the country it seceded from. It is still flown by some southerners simply because it represents a geographic location of the world. To call it a racist symbol is ignorant.

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