Is the conspiracy theory of a New World Order actually happening

Asked by: noah_m
  • Open your eyes america

    Ok so heres what im trying to say alright ok good the govermnent started 9/1 and they didnt even appologize?????? Excuse me like then they faked the pearl harbor bombings so they could go to japan to steal oil??? Theyre slowkly killing us i think that america actually teamed up with hitler and faked the end of the ww2 because it would make people happy but they need the income from war goods and stuff yea makes sense wake up with your eyes!!!

  • If one means "are people trying to take over the world?" Then yes.

    Where does imperialism stop? At what point will the world leading nations say "No, that's enough control"? What is Capitalism? The drive for profit. What is profit? People. So a capitalist economy has to keep increasing its control if its to keep going. Slave warehouses across the globe are an example of this. No different from the 1600's, 1000,s and even the Roman Empire and before. World domination is not new, its as old as civilization itself. Why, the British Empire ruled nearly a fifth of the world only a few generations ago.

    People are encouraged to believe these things are lies and silly. But just look at history and the attitude of corporations across the globe today. People are still people, power still corrupts like it used, computers, electricity and cars haven't changed that. And rules haven't changed our innate desires and our wickedness's. Indeed, most societies before this lived by religious moral code, now we live by capitalist culture (don't give a f$@k, make profit). So we are more bereft of values even now.

    I am not saying the Illuminate exist, I am not saying they don't. But the idea that the 'Illuminate conspiracy' represents is not too far from depicting reality. For instance when child slaves are used by Apple, that's been discussed at boardrooms and allowed. That's pretty 'illuminatity' to me.

    This opinion poll though is about 'new world order', and in that case: Yes : of course there is a movement amongst the powers to control the worlds recourses, I didn't think it was a secret.

  • Or rather, that's what I want you to think....

    (dramatic music) ^^ kidding

    I'm sorry, but I think the idea is really really dull. There're no immortals currently. We're all going to die. All the power and control they would have to craft a world in their image would be for naught. Let's say they do exist. THIS is the best they could do? THIS is the worst? This is mediocre World ruling, given our thoughts upon how awe-inspiring power we believe them to have. For all their power and worth a single person can still take them down just because they were having a bad day while walking down the street.

    Let's say this is a transitioning stage to enact other schemes and other plans.... What could they possibly hope to accomplish? You think they're something other than human? They have foibles to. They were kids once. You don't lose dreams like going into space, or becoming the president so easily.

    If a few people have a lot of power now, then so what? Things change. Nothing lasts forever. Time degrades ALL things. In-fighting would see that order destroyed given time. Ambition and selfishness have toppled other ideals, and the ideas they wish to achieve can not be maintained for long.

    Obtaining and maintaining are two very different monsters.

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