Is the Constitution a good basis for government in the 21st century?

  • The Constitution is a good basis for government in the 21st century.

    The constitution is the highest law in the land, and it is the foundation of our country. The president swears to uphold the constitution, and all of our laws coincide with the ideals of this document. If society changes significantly, the constitution can be change. It is a good basis for our country.

  • The Constitution has helped maintain order

    The United States compared to a lot of countries has remained relatively peaceful. Newer countries in fact even look to the United States Constitution to base their Constitution. The Constitution can be adapted to meet toady's standards. Just because one does not necessarily agree with one thing that does not mean we can not keep something.

  • Save the constitution

    The constitution should not be changed and we need the second amendment because if our right is taken away, we will not have any type of way to protect ourselves when danger hits. Me as an american believe that these rights should stay the same today and forever. The governmnet is trying to take away that right and we as americans should fight for our right.

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