Is the Constitution Party the best third party alternative?

  • Only True Alternative for Former Republicans

    Libertarians claim to be the alternative for conservatives, but neglect the social issues. They say we cannot legislate morality, but we always have and indeed must. Otherwise, murder, rape and theft would be legal. The Constitution Party recognizes that morals are an inherent foundation of a society with law and order. Now we have to embark on a substantial marketing campaign to entice rational Republicans to become Constitutionists. Then we will have a viable political party to rival the Democrats.

  • Strongest platform

    You must read the Parties' Platforms. The Constitution Party has the most common sense, No big government platform. I will be supporting them from now on. I believe I could support at least 95% of everything they stand for. The other two major parties are at 20% and 40%...terrible state we find our nation in.

  • Best Third Party Alternative, Indeed.

    Once it overcomes the organizational hurdles, I can see the Constitution Party influencing politics for years to come. It is the only true conservative party by the people, for the people. It supports surpluses in budget and free enterprise, but supports some regulation and controls as well. It is a balanced party.

    Posted by: gmx0
  • Conditionally.

    The Constitution party is our best alternative if and only if it can merge with the other Constitutionally conservative parties that are out there. (Independent American Party, American Independent Party, America First Party, Independent Green Party of Virginia. etc) and form one strong, unified Constitutionally Conservative option. Then it truly will be the best alternative.

  • It is a true centrist party

    It is the only party that wants to preserve the rights of the people, including the unborn, as set forth in the Constitution. The current media propaganda regarding "left" "right" and "center" is misleading. The issue is not "left" or "right," it is liberty vs. tyranny. The Constitution Party wants to preserve liberty.

  • True Constitutional Conservatives

    Of all the existing political parties, the Constitution Party most closely represents my views and ideals. I suspect this is true for most conservatives. The platform is certainly broad enough to attract a large voter base. Once enough people from both the Democratic and Republican parties break free of their fear and start voting their conscience, we can begin to truly make a difference.

  • Constitution Party - The Real Conservatives

    Back to grassroots politics. We support the Constitution as well as the individual rights of today's Americans. Many of our members are representing their constituents at the city, county and district levels in states right now. I myself will be running in Illinois for IL House of Reps in 2014. We are building from the ground up and it won't be long before we are not just a "third" party but one of the dominant parties.

  • Truly Conservative

    Its a whole lot better than the other two parties. The Dems are so far left that they are just a Romans 1 platform...while the Reps are moving more and more towards bigger govt even though they say they are for smaller gov't. An example of this is just saying youve decreased gov't by not increasing spending from the previous year by not cutting anything.

  • A personal choice

    The CP is the best choice for me as it is founded on principles that best match my personal ideology. It is neither fearful of, or ashamed of the Christian foundation our country was built upon. This is what lacks in the Libertarian Party, and without that understanding and acknowledgement any political party is doomed to keep the status quo of bending to ever changing flow of situational ethics.

  • Prolife & Antiabortion

    I believe the Constitution Party is the best party to lead our country back to its original values. Our nation is currently under God's judgement! It is the ONLY party that is prolife and antiabortion. Our country will never escape God's wrath as long as babies are murdered!

  • The Libertarian Party is Better

    The Constitution Party is not a bad party (better than the Green), but it doesn't support liberty to the fullest like the Libertarians do. The Constitution Party is really the Bible than Constitution Party. Although I am a Christian, I do not believe in using government to impose my beliefs about marriage, gambling, and intoxicants on others. It is basically a more extreme version of the Republican ideals, especially with social issues. The Constitution isn't supposed to force Christian beliefs on the U.S., but the platform states "the moral principles and precepts contained in the scripture ought to form the basis of all our civil constitution and laws." This is clearly a violation of the 1st amendment. However, the economic views of this party are reasonable. Only the Libertarians, however, believe in a truly limited government.

  • The constitution is fallible.

    The constitution like any other document was written by men. Even the founding fathers knew it was fallible, that's why we have the right to change it by adding amendments through the legal process. Not to mention that it being a document that's over two hundred years old, is bound to be outdated as time moves forward.

  • Not A Wide Enough Platform To Attract Voters

    I don't believe that a Constitution Party would succeed as a viable third party as their platform would not attract enough voters to make a difference. For a party to make a legitimate difference it would need to be strong enough to have members elected to the House and Senate so that they could act as a "Checks a Balance" to the established parties.

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