• Our constitution is too outdated!

    First of all, we need a modern English translation of it. We no longer use thou or art or words like that! Also, there are some loopholes, such as the right to bear arms. These loopholes can be dangerous; the Sandy Hook tragedy and many other shootings would not have happened if we had a more modern constitution. Finally, society has greatly changed over the course of several hundred years, and our standards and prohibitions are not the same as they once were.

  • Yes it certainly is

    The constitution never anticipated the Sandy Hook shooting or the Aurora shooting,The document must be replace immediately and preserved as a "Honorable Document" People say that they can go out and shoot people because a outdated document says they can. People at a middle school in my city were killed because of some reckless decision,KINDERGARTENERS HAVE BEEN KILLED BY "CONSTITUTIONAL GUNS"

  • We the People have changed, thus the Constitution borders on Irrelevant

    The vision of rich white slave owners of 350 years ago have not applied to the demographics of America for a long time now. Compare population of 2.5m people in 1776 vs 320m today, it's a severely outdated document representing the populous. Most opposition to changing the Constitution are the same white racist people, although no longer rich, they feel it is their obligation to continue oppression. Someone praised the founding fathers as being great leaders that don't exist anymore. I strongly disagree. Presidential and congressional leaders today are significantly more educated and knowledgeable today, and must lead incredible dissent and unrest among society. The Constitution is largely a cherry-picking source along with the incredibly flawed and irrelevant Bible, neither of which are worthy codes of laws or morality.

  • 240 year old document that allows forced servitude, racism, and sexism.

    The original document immediately had to be updated with the Bill of Rights because they were omitted. Each amendment that has been added has to do with the character of the country. They speak to the core of humanism. Things that should be the foundation of the Constitution not add-ons.
    Our Constitution does not protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans. Amendments ONLY show what the people are thinking at that very moment and can be undone/changed. Example: prohibition. One day alcohol is evil. The next day alcohol is still evil but the crime that comes from making alcohol illegal is worse. WORST REASON TO REVERSE A LAW EVER.

  • The Constitution is OLD!

    The Constitution was written in a time when America was beginning as a new country, free from the chains bound to us England's cruel and hostile rule. Many of the Amendments and laws given to us by the government do not suit our needs anymore. In the 21st century, we are moving forward with new rights and freedoms as things begin to be overturned. Yes, the Constitution is a work of art and literature in that of itself, but in moving forward, it is not likely to survive. I say keep the basis: "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" (As well as property) and update the Amendments. Make this country a place where we truly do feel free

  • Supreme court judges should be voted by the voters

    I am sick and tired of watching Supreme Court judges serve lifetime term. This is ridiculous in our time! I think the voters should vote them in, and they should only serve one term of five years, that is enough! The voters can influence the way the court can be handling instead of the judges that does not have our influence like now!

  • Some of it needs to be updated

    How do we expect to stay free when we are bound by old and confusing rules and regulations in a modern age? I believe the constitution needs to be revisited every few generations and not only evaluated but changed - if need be - via democratic process. There are items in all of the articles and amendments that can be updated. There should also be NEW articles, accompanied by NEW amendments if applicable.

  • Some of it

    Is outdated and does not fit with today's society. The Executive Branch is too weak in some areas. The Legislative Branch is too powerful in most areas. The Judicial Branch is out of touch. I believe that every few generations, we need to revisit the Constitution and evaluate how it applies. We need to update in order to KEEP ourselves free.

  • We should change yet keep it the same

    I believe that we should be able to change some of the rules for the better of our nation as well as the rights of the people who live here. However we shouldn't change everything, the concept of the constitution is actually not that bad. We need to change and fast!

  • It simply no longer serves its purpose as a constitution.

    The point of a constitution is to regulate the relationship horizontally between the federal government and the states and vertically within the branches of government yet it fails to do this. It lacks regulation within the government due to the disparity of power, which is particularly prevalent with the power of the supreme court which is an un-elected body of judges. Likewise, the fact that despite article 5 it is basically impossible to amend, as seen through the fact that of 5000 proposed amendments on 27 have been ratified demonstrates how it is failing in being able to adapt and shift with social pressure. It is ridiculous to argue that something written 200 years ago can still be precisely applied to this day.

  • It has already been changed though out the years.

    One thing I know is that history always repeats itself. Think of Moses and the people worshiping idols right after the great Exodus out of Egypt and claiming to believe in and follow God. It didn't take them long to revert back to what they knew before. Even if you don't believe in the Bible you could take it as an interesting story but the same is true for our Constitution. The Articles of Confederation didn't work so the founding fathers came together to what? They changed it to fit a more powerful government the very thing they didn't want for the people but the people were demanding it. Again it didn't take long and they were trying to give more and more power to the government like they had in England, and if there is any problem it is we the people that are to blame. We didn't want to do things for ourselves and that is the same problem we have today. The Supreme Court shouldn't even have the power they have today but the people didn't do anything about it and still haven't. So, I don't quite understand the question because to me it has been changed too much already.

  • IF retained as originally formulated, it would not be out-dated.

    Unfortunately, the US Constitution has been perverted over the years by Supreme Court decisions that have incrementally transformed the US from a Federal Gov't to a National Gov't.

    The protections afforded the citizens by a decentralized network of state and local governance have been eroded by the consolidation and monopolization of power and control in a highly centralized national government.

    Where the Founders envisioned a system of co-operating states, we now have an all-powerful central government inserting itself into the most personal aspects of our daily lives. This is exactly opposite from the vision the Founders enshrined in the Constitution.

    It was presupposed that if a citizen of one state was unhappy with the governance of that state, he could, if desired, move to a more amenable state. That was possible under a Federal system... But is not currently possible under our National system.

    It was envisioned that the states would be laboratories for policies; that if a policy in one state proved successful, others might adopt it or one similar to it. On the other had, if a policy were a failure, it could be avoided.

    For example, "RomneyCare" in Massachusetts might prove to be either a great or disastrous policy - and other states could watch to see which before adopting such a system for their own citizens.

    However, with a national system such as "Obamacare," once implemented, everyone lives or dies with it - literally.

    Therefore, the original Constitution - if retained and used as designed - would still be the best such document ever designed by humans.

  • Amendments Update the Fundamental Document

    The U.S. Constitution evolves, just like any other document that founds a government. The fundamental rights of Americans shouldn't change. The document can be amended through a specific process that has worked for more than 200 years. The constitution isn't too old because America, as a country, is still here. The words may have been written on paper, but the U.S. Constitution is a living, breathing document that we live by every single day.

  • No, the constitution is fine.

    If anything does need to be updated, there is something called Amendments. Our constitution has worked for many years. It is a just and it supports our civil liberties. If the constitution is out of date, wouldn't we write another one? If we do write another one, who would write it? Mit Romney? Barack Obama? George Bush? Or some random billionaire? We don't have the great leaders like we used to.

  • Not at all

    The Constitution has the ability to change to fit current times. As policies the founding fathers couldn't have predicted, like abortion, arise, the Constitution can be amended to fit contemporary views. Certain fundamental rights, such as the right to bear arms, do need of course to be policed, but no, a set of laws that can evolve is by definition not outdated.

  • People see slavery and they call it freedom. They see the third world and they call it America.

    People, as can be seen by reading these comments, cannot be trusted to write a new constitution. Maybe they will take time away from Miley Cyrus on MTV and Which Harry Potter Character am I quizes on Facebook to advocate for their favorite pet cause: laptops for blind kids, solar powered public schools, big horned sheep research, or removing sports salary caps. I have seen the 2nd Ammendment called a loophole here. I have seen people say the Constitution favors WASPs (how do you figure that one exactly? Clearly you have never read the document, do you not realize that because a system is biased does not mean it's source? No of course not you don't know how cause and effect works that backwards logic makes perfect sense to you clearly). The framers were not subject to the people's whims when the created a framework for a free and prosperous democracy, and the foundation of our success should certainly not be torn down because the low information mass of voters says so now.

  • It is absolutely NOT.

    It has protected our rights and freedom as citizens of the U.S. We the people need to protect our freedom and rights and not allow the government to make our decisions. Our taxes pay them and then some. They decide without us to give themselves a pay raise. They force us to use their health ins. And yet they are too good for it. Now they want to override the constitution with a pen and paper..? It's not that the constitution is old and outdated. It's us being lazy and not standing for what is right.

  • No, it's preserved our freedom and limited government for centuries.

    The federal government has been trying to restrict our freedoms since the September 11 attacks and has been growing at an alarming rate since the New Deal, but the Constitution has done so much to stop them. Our Constitution protects the rights and freedoms of all Americans, so it shocks me to see so many people turn against it just because they want gun control. People often say that we're a democracy, but we're not; we're a constitutional republic.

  • A divinely inspired document needn't be corrupted

    Jacob warned us of those who “when they are learned they think they are wise, And they hearken not unto the counsel of God, For they set it aside, Supposing they know of themselves, Wherefore, Their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish. ” He added: “But to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God. ” (2 Ne. 9:28–29; emphasis added. )

  • Rules and laws may be old, But what is outdated is opinion based. . .

    The definition of Outdated is. . Outdated. (aʊtdeɪtɪd ) adjective. If you describe something as outdated, You mean that you think it is old-fashioned and no longer useful or relevant to modern life.

    So, To say. . "Well, It's outdated" is actually an opinion based, Not OBJECTIVE fact-based. While some don't see it as such, We can not make changes based on opniions off of personal opinions.

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MaryBinMN says2014-12-17T01:29:41.587
Pile of crap, no votes are being censored
openeyedamerican says2016-08-12T18:39:39
The US Constitution is a dinosaur of a document, and the American people have been deeply manipulated into believing it protects our "freedoms". Certainly, the outdated 2nd amendment passed in 1791 so a musket toting militia could "bear arms" does the EXACT opposite in protecting American "freedoms"----namely the freedom to live. The freedom from oppression of having some gun crazed militia minded individual go into our children's schools and kill young elementary or middle school aged innocent kids, or the freedom from the fear of that gun crazed militia minded crazy to carry his/her weapons into a nearby grocer while we shop with our kids.

America does not have a "well regulated militia"-----our military spending is spiraling out of control and its never been about freedom. Or spreading any democracy. Nor has it ever been about "defending the constitution". All deep marketing spins of this business called war. War is for profit, nothing else. Ditto with our gun sales and obsession with arms as a nation. Its primitive.

Things have changed since bit since those musket toting days, to our high tech crazed wars for profit, with that unregulated military madness allowed to suppress innocent kids by setting up their recruiting tables at schools, asking young girls and boys to "fight for their nation". Enough is enough. Time to realize we've never "stopped oppression" or the "bad guys", including all those "terrorist" by remaining obsessed with the constitution and war. We are a war economy, even ISIS is 75% armed by US defense sector. Wake up people, the world is a beautiful place and we do not "protect our way of life" with guns and war.
IJustIsTho says2016-11-30T17:59:33.990
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