Is the controversy surrounding EU artwork a good thing?

  • Art is meant to provoke

    Art is meant to uplift, and inspire, and hopefully if it's done quite right, to create controversy that elicits dialog. Sometimes, art can do this by taking us out of our comfort zones by provoking visceral reactions that cause us to examine and confront our own beliefs. This is a good thing, and should be embraced, no matter how angry it makes you.

  • Yes it is.

    The controversy surrounding EY artwork is a good thing. As all controversies do, this is bringing the EU artwork a lot of media attention. This is good because it will make more people aware of the EU artwork and will also increase the value of all of the EU artwork.

  • Gets Everyone Talking

    Czech art installed in Brussels supposedly poked fun at national stereotypes. It was controversial because the art depicted each country in sometimes unglamorous lights. Yet, the artist made his point, Europe should set aside nationalistic tendencies and be more federal, which is the whole point. Europe is trying to emulate the United States and is failing miserably as it is bogged down in parliamentary procedures. Nothing rarely gets done quickly in Europe even when crises are upon the continent, which is symptomatic of the bloated government.

  • No, why does government get involved in artwork?

    No, the controversy surrounding the EU artwork is not a good thing, because artwork is a silly thing to have a controversy about. People in the EU should worry about the problem in the EU, not fight about artwork. There should be a way to choose artwork that is not controversial. This is a distraction from the real problems of Europe.

  • The controversy surrounding EU artwork is not a good thing.

    The controversy surrounding EU artwork is not a good thing. They have altered many of the games to different countries due to religious concerns. I think its a bad thing when game companies have to worry about the way their graphics are represented in another country. It is also costly to the manufacturer of the games.

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