• Resources dying or becoming scarce

    As the algae that gives coral it's color dies, the coral is bleaching. Since the algae is dying, there is nothing for fish to feed on. The fish then leave the reef in search of food. This makes it harder for costal societies to find food for themselves. The dying of reefs also removes various other resources. Many medicinal studies are being done with materials found in reefs, and if they are dead, no research can be done. This impacts everyone, not just people living near reefs.

  • Coral reefs getting bleached

    If we let the corals get bleached we could harm other animals but if we harm other animals they will get on the endangered list and that would make more animals for use to save and we can't save them all so help use save the animals and don't bleach the ocean.

  • Only for a select group.

    With what is considered news worthy in this day and age a piece about coral bleaching should be a no brainer. When there is a news article or news story every time Kim Kardashian pops a fart why not report on coral bleaching. In our society everything is news worthy.

  • Coral bleaching is a concern because it means the environment is playing a destructive role

    Yes, the coral bleaching event is newsworthy. It is caused by stress to reefs in tropical areas. Factors such as sediments, chemicals, and changes to water temperatures cause the coral to discolor, and take on a 'bleached' effect. Perhaps this bleaching is an adaptive mechanism. The energy balance required for the coral to sustain its algae becomes fragile, and the coral cannot maintain ts parasitic control on its zooxanthellae (the part of coral that gives it its color). Many of the world's reefs are disappearing. These reefs make the ocean waters beautiful and sustain ocean life around them. This event is of interest to environmentalists, and anyone concerned about the health of the ocean systems.

  • Yes, the coral bleaching event is newsworthy

    In a world where celebrities and social media are at the forefront of the news, we don't always think about the natural world. However, there is an issue afoot regarding our oceans, and its name is coral bleaching. The earth is getting warmer (on average) and so are the oceans. This temperature rise is causing coral, the living colorful rocks of the seas, to fade white and die. Not only is this change sad and gloomy, but it's literally an extreme loss of life in ecosystems all around the planet. This is happening near Australia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Florida, and is only another straw on the camel's back in the worldwide issue of severe climate change.

  • No, the coral bleaching event is not newsworthy

    No, the coral bleaching event is not newsworthy. A lot of things happen in the world. For the news to report about things that happen under the water is excessive and shows that they did not have a good story to report on. There is nothing newsworthy about coral bleaching.

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