Is the Coronavirus/Covid-19 a Fake pandemic, Is it a Hoax?

  • It may not be a hoax but the numbers are exaggerated. Covid is just government BS

    The numbers are exaggerated to make people fear covid. Plus they take all forms of death and say its from covid. You die of car crash, They say u died of covid. Covid is just the flu that just upgraded by 1%. No one is scared of Flu or AIDS but scared of a simple virus that has a 99% recovery rate. And most cases end up in Mild condition which is nothing serious.

  • To much death.

    If COVID is a fake virus than that means that the government would be killing loads of people. To many people have died due to this virus for it to be fake. Approximately 7. 84 thousand people have died and that is not fake. That is from COVID and that is why we are on a mandatory mask order.

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