• War was worth the cost

    War was worth the cost because people died battling for more land and want to make a change in the world and still know that people are famous for sacrificing and for example George Washington. War was the cost to fight and to do something different and rake chances. So yes.

  • War is sometimes necessary and totally worth it

    I can't believe anyone would think that war is never worth it. Too many have been swayed by that idiotic song "War... What's it good for?" I'll tell you what it's good for... For keeping nuts like Hitler out of our backyard, that's what. Sometimes the only answer is force. Only the most naive of children think otherwise. In those cases, yes, men die. And I would say.. Yeah, so? Do you think life is the highest good? Then I say wrong! Life is not the highest good. It's up there, but liberty is higher. Better dead on your feet than alive on your knees. Loss of freedom is way worse than death and if some have to give their lives to ensure that, then so be it. It's definitely worth it.

  • The right war the right kind the right reasons.

    The right war the right kind the right reasons. War with words and not weapons. Peaceful demonstrations, sit-ins, walk-outs. They have been proven effective and useful and no one has to die or get seriously hurt. And lastly, the reasons. Not over land or ideals or how to butter a damn piece of bread. Freedom is really the only thing worth really fighting for. Freedom and equality for all humans.

  • The cost of any war is not worth the fight.

    No war is worth it. I know we have to fight sometimes, but there is loss of life. Children lose their parent, a spouse loses a loved one. Nobody wins. All this is over what? Power? Why do we need so much power? There is no need for war. It is definitely not worth it.

  • You can't put a price on death.

    The only times war has seemed worth it are in hindsight. The Allies stopped Hitler and Nazis, but they did not enter the war initially because of the atrocities being committed against Jews and other minorities. WWII became worth the fight when all the facts were known. However, you cannot justify thousands of people dying over a few men's selfish desires and/or arguments as a good thing. You can make light of a horrible thing, but what's bad is bad.

  • War is almost always the wrong choice to make.

    War is almost always the wrong choice to make. It causes massive loss of life, destruction, and hatred around the world. Very rarely does anything good come of it. Furthermore, the question should be beyond money. People lose their lives in war! If killing people should be considered, money should be the least of our concern.

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