• The universe IS predetermined

    The fact that there is air which cannot be seen but can be felt, Sometimes violently as on a windy day, Suggests an order or predetermination to a part of the universe which when extrapolated out, Suggests predetermination of the whole. We simply lack the instruments to measure that which we cannot see in some instances.

  • Yes, I think that the creation of the Universe is predetermined.

    While we may never know for sure how the Universe came to be, I think that we should believe that anything is possible. And think that the Universe being created by a high force is a possibility. I also think that people shouldn't focus too much on what created the Universe.

  • The creation of the Universe is random.

    I believe that the universe was created by random scientific processes. I don't think that something as complex as the universe could be predetermined. There is just so much variety and so many things we totally do not understand and I think those only could happen with a random process.

  • The universe is probably a random phenomenon

    The idea of a predetermined universe begs the question: Predetermined by who or what? If there is a something or someone which determines the universe, then, we must ask where did this something of someone come from, or, in other words, what was before everything existed. Its a foolish question and an inevitable by product of the idea of a determined universe. In a determined universe every explanation for an origin requires an explanation for it's origin.

  • The creation of the universe is random

    The infinite universe has one thing in common: Inconsistency. Between quasars and black holes, there is so little that we understand because we try to apply strict rules to it. Certain laws of physics apply, but we routinely make discoveries that blow established thinking out of the water. It is impossible to predetermine randomness into a sequence.

  • No One Knows

    No one actually knows the answer to this questions, so I am going to guess that it is random. I feel like if the creation of the universe is predetermined then so is every action of the universe and I prefer to believe that it can be manipulated. I have no way of knowing the real answer.

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