Is the creation story from the bible true? Please state evidence. " Evidence" against evolution does not prove creation true.

Asked by: SamStevens
  • 'Devils' advocate here

    Not really but, i hate seeing 'this' where someone makes these opinion arguments and then is the only one to vote.
    First, how does others having a creation story devalue the Bibles creation story? They also say there is was a world wide flood, but that doesn't devalue the flood account.
    "There is so much evidence against a young earth." From a certain point of view. I have heard strong arguments from Creationists explaining fossil records, sediment deposits and those things. Why is it that we have trees spanning mellenia of sediment layers? Fancy me an answer on that one?
    Continental drift is easily disputable. Under current situations, the continents appear to move slowly. Albeit, that is a weak argument, but it is a justification. And it devalues your argument of Pangaea (a single continent).
    Now the juicy part. "several dating methods". Which are...? Carbon 'accurately' dates things to 50000 years, but makes massive assumptions. What was the C14 levels 1000 years ago? Currently, the rate of decay of C14 world wide is lower than the rate of formation. What does this mean? We haven't reached a level of equilibrium even accounting for the industrial revolution. If the C14 levels are still not at equilibrium, this equilibrium must have started a 'few' (thousand) years ago. The only other dating method is Potassium Argon (KAg) which relies on measuring the argon levels within the stone, making assumptions about the stones formation, and wildly guessing at its age.
    Your glaciers argument i have not come across often. Again, you/we/they make assumptions on the rate of formation and method.
    And really? Evolution proves the big bang? That makes it a circular argument, each proving each other. Mendalian genetics show that species will only reproduce to their own kind. Evolution is counter logic, that the offspring of one species would be different from their parents. Also, how did they become protectorates? Multicellular? Sexually reproducing? Relying soley on sexual reproduction for creating offspring quite a dumb idea if you think about it for small organisms.

  • God is Real. The Universe prives it.

    Evolution has not been proven. There is a missing gap. They havent found it and they never will. When jesus rose from the dead and rised to heaven, there were hundreds of witnesses around that spread that. God is the judge, this is you, living life being judged. He will only give you clues once you have accepted Christ. He will answer you nore if you have faith in him. Or if you don't, Satan will dominate your life until you die with him. This is something only you can find. Plus, the bible never said the Earth was flat, or That the Earth was the center of our solar systen. Thats just what Riligous astronomers thought how it worked. You are going to have a tough life without God that is a fact for you.

  • Or no...Doesn't matter, because the question itself is flawed.

    To state evidence completely defies the point of the question. Sorry!
    Put it this way, if you were God and truly wanted to give your creations free will, you'd defeat that premise by revealing yourself; if every one 'knew' God existed (and creationism), what would be the point of evidence?

  • Typical Argument Discussion

    Typical atheist/agnostic to start such an argument about something they don't even believe in, just so they can say how those of us that believe in anything are dumber than they are, even if/when we give them evidence. I will not go into this much further because the Bible has been proven right so many times before. If it's so untrue, why has it been proven right for HUNDREDS OF YEARS?

  • Creation is real.

    How did the world ever come to be? I'm pretty sure that "by chance" particles colliding caused stuff to begin forming, and millions of years later humans are the descendants of monkeys and protists. It doesn't work. If anything we are getting less and less intelligent. Also, how evolutionists say that the mountains and valleys were formed by the bending of rock, I'm pretty sure rock in its solid form doesn't bend. This means that the layers of rock, mountains and valleys had to have been created at one time, the Flood. And the fossils that are found in several different layers, if the layers take hundreds of years to form, the original object would have decomposed or have been broken or even moved, whereas they could have been covered in one step. That is what i believed happened.

  • Yes it is true

    But this is a very loaded question "please state evidence" is just like a kid saying " oh yea prove it but you can't". None of us were there and if top scientist don't have concrete evidence them neither do we.

    But we have even less evidence that evolution is true. Both are theories and based on your faith.

    I believe our existence is the proof that creation is true. Our world and our universe are perfect and complex. Our rare consciousness and Amazimg abilities are no accident.

  • Cambrian Explosion proves it

    The Cambrian Explosion allowed all the kinds of animals to show up spontaneously, at a time around 500,000 years ago. This could according to the Bible, be related to the creation account. Most of these old stories have seeds of truth in them, they should not be dismissed because they are attempts by people who were around at the time to document reality as they saw it.

  • I think it does because of our knowledge of morality.

    Humans are the only species on the planet that possessing some type of knowledge about this thing called morality as well as possessing free-will. Other species act in a very "programmed-like" manner. Morality is something that science is completely blind on defining. It's something that we just "know" by nature without really needing to learn it. The creation story talks about Adam and Eve and how they disobeyed God, ate from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and that was when humanity became like in knowing what morality is. We also inherently know by nature that we are supposed to choose Good over Bad. Why does Good over Bad make any difference to us? Well we don't know; it just does, and you cannot teach an animal this or make it understand. I find the uniqueness of Human Beings to be strong evidence in the Biblical's account of creation. Humans possess a spiritual component that no other species possesses and it's not quite something science can observe in a very empirical concrete-like manner.

  • The Creationism vs. Evolution argument shouldn't even exist.

    I don't see how these two refute and negate each other. I would even go so far as to say that creationism explains evolution, as I firmly believe that God created the universe and everything within it, and thus caused things to evolve over millions and millions of years. This is just my opinion.

  • Doesn't make sense

    I don't see how people would believe that god just magically created Adam and Eve and the world. I don't see how god created the planet in just 7 days as that would be scientifically impossible, also the world wasn't created 6,000 years ago. One question, if Adam and Eve were the same skin color, how did people of other skin colors pop up? Did god just magically create them?

  • We don't live on a Flat Earth under a Solid Dome with Stars Stuck Underneath and Heaven On Top of it.

    That is how the Bible writers viewed the Earth, it is too ridiculous to ever consider as True. The other rather funny thing about the Bible description of Earth is that not only are we living on a Flat Circle, but that Circle has corners. The Bible describes this, so it is the Source.
    Maybe the missing Jet fell off the Edge Of The Earth.
    Even Revelations stated that if the Dome/Heavens were shaken, the stars would fall to Earth. Naivety by our standards, but that is how the writers viewed the planet, proving no Omniscient source (God) was ever consulted for their writings.


  • There are Trees over 6,000 Years old on this Earth, So the earth Can Not be 6,000 Years Old.

    Trees can not exist before the universe, as well as they can not exist somewhere that doesn't exist. If there are trees older than 6,000 years old, then the Earth MUST be older. In Addition, we know how far away stars are, and we know the speed of light. If the earth was 6,000 years old, We would not see any stars except for the sun.

  • It cant be

    The earth wasnt created in seven days, you cant repopulate the world with just two of any species as suggested in the creation story and the story of noah. And its silly to believe that a perfect god would punish the entire human race for the disobedients of the first two people.

  • The whole Adam and Eve thing doesn't make sense

    If it was only Adam and Eve and they made babies how were more people made? Wouldn't that led in inbreeding and then there would be mentally challenged people who's mother and father are brother and sister? The who human race would've falling pretty quickly if that we're the case so that's why I'm Atheist.

  • Most biblical historians will tell you the bible has many parables.

    A parable is a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson. In other words they are fictional stories. One way you can tell when something is a parable is when they use allegories. Allegories are a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another. In other words, the talking animals in Alice in Wonderland would be allegories. The cricket in Pinocchio is another. And the talking wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. But enough background.
    The book of Genesis is a parable (Fictional story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson). The way you can tell is the typical allegory creature (the talking snake that represents evil thoughts). Of course they need something else to speak for evil. The only other things that would be able to speak would be Adam, Eve, and their god. Also, if Genesis was a true story, and a snake said “Yea, hath God said, ‘Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?” instead of just responding normally as if it was a person, my reaction would be "Holy Sh*t, a talking snake!" Either Eve was a special like of stupid or it was clearly an allegory. Not to mention the over-elaborate tree name, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,
    Obviously, Genesis was a fictional story and if that part of Genesis is fictional then the creation part is also fictional.
    Ya, I could have gone with the scientific approach but I rather like using their own book against them.

  • To Find the Answer, One Simply Needs to Read Genesis.

    Here are some of the the claims made by Genesis about the Cosmos and the beginning of Earth:
    ~The Earth and Oceans existed before Light.
    ~Light existed before the sun and stars.
    ~The moon itself is a light source.
    ~Plants existed before the sun, as did day and night.
    ~Flowers existed before insects.
    ~Snakes talked, and had limbs until they were cursed to forever crawl on their bellies. (This is refuted by sea snakes and flying snakes.)
    ~Women are ribs.
    ~The entire human race, with all its diversity and genetic variation, originated with one incestuous family.

    There may have once been a time when this explanation was the best we had. That time is long passed.

  • No it is not.

    One, there are so many creation stories. African tribes have one, native Americans have one, Australian Aborigines have one, which one is right? There is so much evidence against a young earth. Two, how do young earth creationists explain continental drift? It is a process that takes millions of years and going back millions of years, you can see where the continents lined up. South america with Africa, north america with Europe, India with Madagascar and Antarctica. Plus there are several dating methods that all point to an old earth. Scientists can date glaciers and they go back more than 10,000 years. Evolution also shows that the earth is old since the process from very primitive life to complex organisms took 3.5 billion years.

    The other problem is if we were created in god's image, where neanderthals and other species of humans also created in his image? Or are they diseased humans which have sinned? If we were created in his image, why do we bare a striking similarity to chimps, gorillas, and other ape species?

    I don't now if the bible would be considered evidence since it has many different interpretations depending on the person and it comes in different versions so which version is right?

  • Doesn't believing in a world created by chance so beautifully, amaze you more?

    The story of creation cannot be literally true, however it may posses evidence, this all depends on your view of course.There is a lot of evidence which contradicts the way in which God, this spiritual being, created our universe.Some of them being natural selection, evidence for evolution, continental drift, evidence supported by fossil fuels found in layers of rock etc. As you can tell the list can go on and on.It is true yes, science does not always give us the answers but it seems to me that there is much more believable evidence for our world being created by the Big Bang rather than being formed out of nothing by God.

    In reference to my headline, let us say that the world was in fact created by God, just like that.Are his skills supposed to wow you or what?Think about the state in which our universe is in now, think about how many galaxies there are, how many stars are out there and this all came to existence due to one singularity. Doesn't that amaze you more????

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The Bible is the only set of Books in the world where Square Circles are supposed to be real.