• Innocent people will be killed.

    Yes, the criminalization of euthanasia is justified, because there is a great chance for abuse, and for innocent people to be killed. Some people will ore power or health should not be deciding whether other people deserve to live or die. There need to be big penalties so that people know euthanasia is unacceptable behavior.

  • I Believe So

    I believe the criminalization of euthanasia is justified. I think we have a few, rare medical cases where it is more humane to pump someone up on morphine and let them go comfortably. I think this is a decision that should be discussed personally between a patient and a doctor.

  • Yes, in some cases euthanasia should be criminalized.

    While removing someone from life support and allowing them to die naturally can be seen by most of us as being humane,causing someone's death, as someone like Jack Kevorkian did, can be seen as a criminal act. When people are desperately ill, we need to offer them compassion and our time; they may also need counseling. They need to know that their lives are still of value and worth. If we do not prosecute doctors who euthanize patients, then we are telling people who are elderly or disabled that their lives are no longer of importance.

  • Yes, euthanasia is often abused.

    Yes, criminalization of euthanasia is justified, because euthanasia is something that can be abused if it is not used properly. Euthanasia could be misused as a way for a person to end the life of someone they were caring for. It is important for caregivers to know that there are dire consequences for misusing euthanasia.

  • No it is not.

    Killing is never justified no matter the situation people are placed in. If we are supposed to be making a difference and protecting the community than how can we run around killing people who made a mistake or were born with some type of mental disorder? It is not our place to kill.

  • The decision should be in the hands of the patient.

    Sometimes the terminally ill decide that their suffering is too much, they want to avoid months of pain, suffering and frustration for themselves and their families. In these cases their wishes should be respected and supported. No one should ever have the right to decide another person should die, but a person should be allowed to choose to meet their end with dignity.

  • Euthanasia is justified in many cases.

    We treat our animals with more respect and compassion than our elderly, terminally ill and others with absolutely no quality of life. We keep dead people alive to satisfy our own insecurities and medical lust for bragging rights. We bring "lives" into the world with no chance to even know they have life and society pays the bills. Our society needs to grow and understand our planet can only support a finite number of humans.

  • It affects medical research.

    1. Necessity is the mother of invention. Euthanasia undermines medical research. Most of the major medical breakthroughs in the 20th and 21st century have been made in order to solve a fatal disease or condition. If we turn to euthanasia as a solution, researchers and doctors will lose their motive for furthering medical advancements.

  • It is bad to kill and it een says in the bible.

    It is not justified because in the bible it says not to kill . Ending someones life is not a good thing to do based on the law. Killing someone can cause shame to your life. It is no fun to kill.STOP KILLING THE INOCENT NOW IT IS BAD .

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