• Is the cult of celebrity bad for society?

    Yes. Look at the GOP administration. A well known billionaire reality TV personality, name recognition, zero ability in diplomacy or government, buys power and throws his weight around, somehow legitimatizing bad and socially unsustainable behaviors... The environment is a mess, health care and education swirling down the toilet, the world on the bring of nuclear war all for money and bolstering up a delusional attempt for the rich to remain in power.

  • Celebrity cululture is bad for those who are easily influenced.

    I'd say teenagers and children are the most susceptible to becoming engrossed in the cultish hordes of celebrity fandoms. I say this because if we think about our lives when were our opinions and beliefs easily molded or fluctuated frequently? During our years of adolescents of course. Thanks to the rise of social media it has made it all the easier for celebrities and famous people to amass droves of young people on multiple social media accounts. Have you seen what happens when a celebrity comes under fire for whatever idiotic thing they've done? Hundreds of adolescents rush to their defense like they're trying to protect their own child. Forget whatever the celebrity did to deserve or receive critism, teens and kids will argue in their favor even if they can't make a sensible argument. When they aren't defending their idol for doing something controversial they shower them with praise for just being a actor, musician, artist, etc. I have nothing against actors, musicians, or artists. I enjoy watching a movie with a familiar actor or enjoying a musicians music, the real trouble comes when they become obsessed with fame and fourtune instead of simply enjoying their career. It's like the saying, all that glitters is not gold.

  • Worship of others diminishes the importance of the Self.

    In our society, worship of those who are successful (celebrities, athletes, politicians, business owners, etc.) runs rampant. We give them a special status that we do not afford ourselves and other "regular people". The famous are no better than anyone else (they were all born the same way, and they go to the bathroom the same way as the rest of us), yet we collectively kiss their ass and look to them as role models. The trouble is, most of these celebrities are not role model material. Because of the special status we grant them, even when they act horribly, or even when they act sociopathic, we turn a blind eye to their behavior or character flaws. When we encounter someone like that in real life, we don't give them the time of day, but if they've been on TV, we line up to shake their hand and get their autograph. It's a sick world we live in. All of this cult of fame and success totally undermines the importance we place on ourselves and on our friends and family. We don't need to look to celebrities for their opinions on things, we should look to ourselves and develop critical thinking skills, and learn to trust ourselves. When we blindly follow celebrities and politicians, we are in danger of being steered down the wrong path. Here's an absurd thought: Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if when a family member arrives at home tonight, your and other members of your family rushed them at their vehicle, snapping photos and begging for an autograph? This is absurd behavior...Why should we act any differently when it comes to celebs?!

  • No no no

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  • Yes it is!

    Celebrities have ideas that are incompatible with normal everyday people. They are elitists who push their ideas on you even if you don't agree with their ethics or lack there of. Celebrity culture is a poisonous type of american imperialism and the reason why Our Supreme leader Kim Jong Un will destroy US

  • Sure why not

    Mate, they harmful to society because: (i had to write this) stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff


  • Unrealistic ambitions for people to follow

    Girls, as young as 5, are now aspiring to be 'size zero' and the rise in anorexia is unreal, starting with young children as young as 6. Curves and health seem unimportant now, something that isn't desired, as long as you have a thigh gap, nothing else matters it seems. When I was 8, I wanted to be a fairy, but now? Now a massive amount of young people aspire to be famous and the rise of social media is astounding. Everyone wants their 'five minutes of fame', but at what cost? Many people now go to extreme measures to accomplish this, but for what? Just to get noticed momentarily? What is the point in having a celebrity culture, when all it does is destroy young people's self esteem when they realise they can't look like the girls in the magazines. However, there are some inspirational celebrities like Zendaya, who actually published a image of herself that was before the editing occurred. She is the optimum of self loving and a wonderful role model. Unfortunately, celebrities like her are not as common as the narcissistic, self absorbed ones.
    Predominantly, celebrity culture sets a bad example to young people, who aspire to be something impossible. Self esteem is a very important factor when growing up, and the influence of the media is negative at an already hard time.

  • Cultist Obsession Kills Individuality

    Children look to be like their celebrity idols, losing so much potential in the process. My brother and I both have identical I.Q.S just around genius level, but he always admired T.V. tough guys who weren't too bright. Now he is thuggish and moronic in behavior, the remnants of his rejected intellect rarely shining through.

  • It's a Cult

    The way celebrities are portrayed in the media makes them appear perfect. This is influential on children's minds. Not only do children begin to try reach an impossible standard of perfection, but many also seem to worship celebrities. An example of this is when Zayn left One Direction and fans started to cut themselves, or when Justin Bieber fans were severely cutting themselves to get him to stop drugs. No situation especially these situations should ever be considered severe enough to cut yourself. It just isn't this though. Celebrities, in their fans eyes, can do no wrong. Approach any person who is a serious fan of any celebrity, and you'll find many will try to justify their actions. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Children look up to these people as role models. A celebrity's behavior could effect a child's behavior. Also, if a child or any person worships a celebrity wouldn't they also be willing to go to extremes for the celebrity (hence the cutting)? The whole cult of personality thing the celebrity culture has up and running needs to stop.

  • It is a plague on the arts

    The cult of celebrity has been a cancer on the entertainment industry for decades. Thanks to the tabloids, mediocre "A List" actors can still land big roles over more talented up and coming performers. What has Lindsay Lohan done in the last decade? How many actors are struggling right now to get noticed? The other problem is when talented people become celebrities and lose their creative drive and whatever potential they had is wasted.

  • They are in some ways inspirational

    There are actually some very inspirational celebrities like Zendaya and Taylor Swift who use their fame and image to convey important messages to their fans. For example, Zendaya slayed at the oscars rocking dreads in her as she proved that you don't have to follow the latest trends to be pretty. As long as people come the "right" celebrities to admire then they can accomplish some pretty amazing things!! (Like the Zendaya barbie, who doesn't want their own barbie doll?)

  • Not all of them

    I admit celebrities like Kim Kardashian are bad and shouldn't be famous, and I admit that a lot of celebrities are used to promote products and brands. But a lot of celebrities are actually good. There are many out there who want to help the world and their fans feel better about themselves and aspire to achieve their goals.

  • It could remain healthy, IF WE LET IT.

    In my opinion, no, it is not harmful. Well, it CAN become not only harmful but traumatic too. And I'm saying this by experience, we need to TRULY, TRULY start appreciating these celebrities mainly for their talents and not their...Personal lives. It is so easy to intrude and pry on someone's private life without realizing the consequences. Maybe, the celebrities won't care much, but the fans or rather the "obsessers" will. Don't turn the admiration into worship since that can cause psychological problems, IF the celebrity ends up making a wrong move (which all of us do). Celebrities don't have to live according to the world, they have their own lives. They are simply entertaining us through the talent that has been bestowed on them and we as the other side should appreciate their efforts and admire them for their work. Period. Even hold them as influences, okay. Nothing more than that. Committing suicide because Justin and Selena split up isn't what normal people would do. Cutting yourself because Zayn Malik smokes weed...This is abnormal. Yes, we can inspire our dressing code after a celebrity's fashion sense if we love them that much. But, don't turn it into an unhealthy and dangerous obsession which can never be broken. We need to set this example for our future generations and truly understand that celebrities are people who have their own lives and have the right to live them their own way. There is nothing wrong in looking up to them and viewing them as role models, but again, they can't be squeaky clean. They're not God.

  • No, it is entertainment.

    No, the cult of celebrity is not harmful to society, but it is rather harmful to the celebrities themselves. To society, celebrities are nothing but royals, since we don't have a royal family in the United States. But the celebrities themselves don't seem to handle it very well, and often end up turning to drugs or other abuses.

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