• Yes It Is

    I believe the current crisis intervention model does adequately care for the needs of the public. I believe the problems witnessed during Hurricane Katrina were rare and partially the fault of the administration in charge at the time. Had it happened during a different administration I do not think the problems would have been as bad.

  • We have help.

    Yes, the current crisis intervention model is adequate for the needs of the public, because the current model helps people process their feels. Crisis intervention has been studied and the current model gives people an ability to talk to caring individuals, process their emotions, and reflect on the situation with someone who is trained.

  • Public needs are priority one

    Any crisis involving government and economical issues need to be resolved with the public interest being a huge priority. Crisis intervention is a strong way to get parties together to discuss a remedy that would allow for a solution to be put into place. This approach will help satisfy the overall public.

  • Crisis intervention is adequate today

    The model of crisis intervention that has been enjoying a renaissance in the United States is more than adequate for the types of challenges that have been facing us. After the many missteps of previous presidential administrations, we have learned how best to administer help and aid to those who need it most.

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