Is the current MMORPG Genre currently falling apart and dying?

Asked by: Arkter
  • Pay 2 win than ever before.

    Current new MMORPGS like to employ a cash grab tactic. In which they coax the player into buying increasingly more stuff and when the is no revenue anymore they abandon the game. This sadly also deters other players from playing MMORPGS that are Hidden Gems. This also makes the players feel very unsatisfied as they do not get their refunds back.

  • There's plenty of Free to play and Pay to play MMOs that aren't cash grabs and that are still thriving.

    There's plenty of MMOs that are adding a plethora of content for free. Blade and Soul, TERA, and Guild Wars come to mind for free MMOs that are fun to play and have a really open community. If you want to pay there's Black Desert Online and Elder Scrolls Online. Both are fantastic games on their own. And ESO just added a huge update including Morrowind into the game. So saying the MMO genre is dying is just ridiculous

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