• Taxes are great

    Taxes are way to keep the rich in check. It is a way to keep everyone contributing to society. Imagine if only the rich had to pay taxes or the other way around. To have just the rich or just the middle class pay taxes can put a huge burden on those people. If we expected the same amount of money out of one of those groups, it would be to much. This way, everyone contributes a fair amount.

  • Taxes are important

    I do not believe that people who are taxed less actually spend more. Most likely, people who are taxed less tend to save that money, especially poorer people. Even business owners, who probably would benefit from tax cuts, are probably greedy and keep more of the money for themselves to build up their home instead of providing better seating for their restaurant customers. The fact is that people are greedy. Without taxes, people wouldn't let go of their money; you'd have to pry it from their cold dead hands.

  • Yes it works just fine

    I think our tax system couldn't be working any better than it already is. I think that we tax the poor and the rich accordingly, and if the government has enough revenue on what were being taxed then the tax code doesn't need reforming. Although, I think the bush tax cuts need to be extended one more year to avoid the fiscal cliff.

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  • Taxation is theft

    If the government kills your family, is it murder? Of course! Just because something is being done by the government doesn't make it right. Just as how anyone else who threatens you if you don't give them your money is a robber, the government is a robber. Taxation should be cut down with the ultimate goal of abolishment by eliminating government programs outside those needed to protect basic rights.

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  • No, it is too much.

    No, the current taxation system in the US is not fair, because it taxes so much that people have no incentive to produce. At a flax tax rate, the person who has a higher income already pays more in taxes. There is no need to have a graduated tax system, because that is just a way of imposing socialism in disguise.

  • National Sales Tax Should Be Implemented

    We live in a consumer-based society. A national sales tax should be considered as a solution because rich people can afford to buy more stuff. Without an income tax, more people spend money. The more money spent, the more the Treasury Department hauls in. Taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and gasoline can also go up to offset no income taxes. Taxing incomes is antiquated and should be replaced with a consumer-based system in line with modern standards.

  • We need a flat tax.

    No the current taxation system in the U.S. is not fair. There are too many loopholes to take advantage of and too many people, a large number of them rich (not just the poor), that do not pay their fair share of taxes. If we were to implement a flat tax we would not have a problem with loop holes and everyone would be paying the same percentage so no one would really have a reason to complain about anyone else.

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