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  • Class sizes are too big

    Class sizes are much to big. Students can get more work done in class with 15 students apposed to a class of 25. Studies show that even though the same average of A students is the same in a class of 15 as a class of 24, the smaller class can do extra credit work, therefore those students have the higher grade.

  • No the current teaching system is not going good.

    The current teaching system is failing our students as our teachers become more underpaid and understaffed for students to get one on one help. It use to be you had a new homework assignment everyday, now you only get homework on Mondays to be turned in Fridays. With kids not being required to work as hard or learn as much we are falling behind in the teaching system and our education of the future is suffering from this.

  • Class Sizes are too Big and Teachers are Overburdened

    Education is one of the most important things for the future, but teachers are underpaid and overburdened and class sizes are so large in many schools that students don't get the personal attention they need to learn. We need to respect and care for our teachers, including allocating sufficient funds that teaching becomes an attractive and motivating profession, and make sure that students are in classes small enough that they are able to learn.

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