• This Tech Boom is different

    I think the current tech boom is inherently different that those tech booms that have come before. I say this because if you look at the technology of the past, it seems as if there is a long time between life changing technologies. Between the radio and the tv, the Tv and the computer. But once we hit the internet age, we have seen a boon in phone technology, computing technology, tv technology etc.

  • Yes this tech boom is different.

    This tech boom today is much different than ones we've faced before. In the late 90's and early 2000's companies found the Internet. They realized that their business information could be accessed all over the world in a matter of seconds. Today's boom is not about access but openness. Social networks are the forefront today and push inter connectivity.

  • Yes, the current tech boom is different.

    I definitely think that the current tech boom that we are experiencing all over the world is a lot different that what we've seen before. One of the reasons I think it is different is because of the accessability of other countries to the state of the industry. Foreign countries can now be a major player to the new tech boom.

  • No history repeats

    The current tech boom that the United States of America is experiencing along with the rest of the world is not necessarily something new unlike the ones in the United States of America's past or the worlds past. People must put things into context of course certain things will be different.

  • No it is the same

    No it is the same except the products just keep changing through the years. If you look at the very first cell phone it was big and bulky. They just slimmed them down, made them smaller, and skinnier and added more features like a computer, they borrowed some things from the computers.

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