• Indian Culture could use a dating site

    I think a dating site is a good thing in a culture where many marriages are still arranged. It allows all sorts of people to meet each other outside of traditional settings. It will also allow more people to date and marry for love rather than family responsibilities and alliances.

  • India looks for love on Tinder

    Yes, I believe that Tinder is good for Indian culture and especially for young generations. Young people don't want to upset their parents but at the same time they start not agreeing on arranged marriage from their families and for this reason they try to find ways to meet other people.

  • Tinder Is No Good For Indian Culture

    The dating app Tinder is not good for the Indian culture. I can say that all this new dating apps and match calculations should be kept away from the personal relationships. Why to let machines, statistical data or artificial intellect to meddle with our most intimate and romantic moments. Isn`t it more human and loving and true to find the one with in the real world the old way.

  • Nothing good comes from Tinder.

    Tinder is a site based only for people to meet for one night, hook up, and never talk to that same person again. So with Indian culture, I feel like it would do them harm and dihonor not only the culture of Indian's, but also dishonor there religon that drives that country.

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