• Yes, A dawn of a new China is happening.

    I believe the Chinese are rapidly rising to power both economically and military, I believe eventually the Chinese will start to test the limits of their new found powers and we will see a power shift away from Western Nations and towards the East, China will be a powerful player in the upcoming century.

  • There is a new China

    This is the dawn of a new China. The very large, traditional nation, is changing some long lasting policies for the better. The government might loosen the horrible policy they currently have that enables a family to only have one child. The country is also making some business decisions that will be helpful for the population.

  • New China, same old attitudes.

    Yes, I think the dawn of a new China is happening. Though it's hard to tell through the layer of smog that is covering most of that country due to non-existent environmental protection laws. The new China is much like the old one -- shocking human rights abuses and all. Just without that pesky Communist ideology getting in the way.

  • No, a dawn of a new China is not happening.

    Despite being an economical power house, I think a lot of China's reputation as a emerging country is based on the fact that there really aren't any regulations on how China can operate and send out it's information. A lot of the reports and statistics coming out of China are based on what the country wants the world to believe.

  • No It's Not

    I believe China has made a few strides forward especially concerning their domestic policies, but they still display a lot of problems. They still manipulate their currency which could prove a problem for the entire world. They still try to force the hand of other countries when policies affect their country or their desires and for this reason I do not believe the dawn of a new China is happening.

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