• To GWL-CPA: When have you used reliable sources anyways?

    Using unreliable sources are just as bad as posting no sources at all. Also: you do not present arguments with supporting facts. You "support" them with BS. Fits your profile picture, I guess :)

    Anyways, you need not be a troll to make sure people hate you. Your failed logic is enough XD

  • In America, the Accused as the right to know his/her accuser.

    I love it that someone can post an opinion about another member and not say who they are or their screen name; that is unfair, but does not surprise me. The only person I am aware of who said I was a troll was am 18 year old teenage girl - xxXChelseaXxx, who presented outrageous data that she could not support. She cited no evidence to support her numbers.
    “Has Drug Decriminalization In Portugal Worked?”
    xxXChelseaXxx responded,
    “Drug gangs and drug related crimes have both decreased in number Yes, not every drug related statistic is headed downward, some even travelling the other way. However, these are a result of people's choice, not gang's mowing down a family home, and not someone overdosing because he or she doesn't know the harm in 'illicit drugs'. Comparably, the U.S has spent multiple TRILLIONS on the drug war, with over 45 MILLION people being locked up for drug related 'crimes,' and these trends look set to continue. What does this say about drugs and people? It says that no matter whether you legalize or illegalize them, people are going to do them. Portugal is saving money through not having to house so many 'criminals,' and having to regulate people less. Portugal should continue to inform their people about the dangers of taking these drugs, which will not only further empower the people, but maybe even save more lives (and definitely money).”
    Posted by: xxXChelseaXxx:
    You will note that she cites not one source to support here outrageous statements, which I pointed out to here. Shortly thereafter, she posted remarks that I was a troll.
    I am a troll because I present arguments with supporting facts. That is too funny.
    xxXChelseaXxx, I challenge you to prove the outrageousness statements you have made; otherwise you owe me an apologize.

  • I don't think so

    I think he puts too much into his aruments to say he's a troll, at least in the classic sense. I may not agree with his opinions very much, but he doesn't seem like any of the trolls I've ever seen. . . . . . . . . .

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xxXChelseaXxx says2013-03-09T11:36:53.293
I have not created this question to bully the user, rather, I am curious as to what other people think of him. I've seen him spam his 'copy-pasted' opinions everywhere, which isn't trolling in itself, but they are often disagreeing with the question and calling people "stoners" for no apparent reason. If he is a well-known troll, could someone please tell me.
GWL-CPA says2013-03-11T14:35:06.943
All I have noticed about you xxXChelseaXxx is that you have many opinions and make many statements, but you have to facts or articles to support your opinions. And, many, too many, of the folks at this site are Pro Drug legalization, and are stoners. If you are really not a stoner, please put me straight and say you do not do drugs.
GWL-CPA says2013-03-11T19:00:46.883
I made a typo. I typed "to facts" it should read "no facts"
GWL-CPA says2014-03-11T01:26:22.253
XxXChelseaXss is an immature little turd. Maybe it will grow up some day.