• Yes it is for mature adults

    The adults who took their young children to this movie just do not understand the meaning of an R rated movie so it is their fault I mean honestly how dumb could you be?On the trailer it said very inappropriate things and it was very clear that it was inappropriate so yes he is a superhero but not "good superhero" so he said in the movie,they waited 11 years to make the movie and they were debating if they should or not but Ryan Reynolds made it better but more inappropriate but some of us like that, oh yeah and they are talking about making a second one already so people don't take your freaking kids to the next one because it will be rated R... ;)

  • Deadpool is a superhero for adults.

    Deadpool was never, EVER, meant for children. He is an anti-hero targeted towards adults. The movie is rated R for more reasons than just found in the movie. Deadpool is supposed to be violent, and he is supposed to have a foul mouth.
    I'd say this movie is very much appropriate. It is a film for adults about a comic book character for adults.

  • Deadpool is a fun movie.

    Deadpool was a lot of fun to watch and anybody with a sense of humor will be able to enjoy it and not take it too seriously. I don't believe there are any inappropriate movies. It's just entertainment. The outdated idea that violent movies causes people to act out violence in the real world is untrue and makes no sense.

  • Of course it isn't

    Its Deadpool were talking about and I love Deadpool but he is not appropriate for normal audiences especially children. Deadpool is now for being vulgar and inappropriate and thats what makes him awesome. So in conclusion, yes Deadpool is not appropriate but that doesn't make him less cool. Thanks for reading.

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