• Murder is murder

    The death penalty is murder. It is murder by the government but it is still murder. We teach young children that two wrongs don't make a right yet some people think it is okay to justify killing other individuals in the name of justice. That is just not right at all.

  • Of course it is

    Everyone deserves a second chance. 1 in 25 people are innocent. The death penalty is completely useless and will not help anyone. Many innocent people are killed, so of course it is a crime. The death penalty also violates the Declaration of Independence. Life is an UNALIENABLE right, which the government should not be able to take away.

  • Anyone came up with Karma

    Karma made the death penalty sentence. I know I sound crazy and all but we need to keep this sentence because I believe If you do something wrong you get the same thing back to you and relating that to death they should die if they have killed someone. Because its unfair to the victim

  • Yes totally. It's a crime..

    It is a crime because you shouldn't kill anyone just because they did something wrong or bad, killing an innocent human is a serious big crime because hey.. You only live once (YOLO) and your life is really precious and special. So yes, the death penalty is a big crime.

  • Death Penalty A Crime?

    I am doing a research about death penalty, and determining if it is a crime or not. I do not believe it is a crime because, you must have done something extreme in whatever crime you did, to get a death penalty. Is it a crime, or is it not? Please help me!

  • No, it is justice. An eye for an eye.

    How could you take someone's life and expect to live. Your life is just as important, if not less, than the person you murdered. Plus, the death penalty deters people from murdering. Some say "The death penalty is still murder." I disagree. There is a difference between getting rid of a murderer who murdered INNOCENT people and taking a life of someone who got rid of criminals.

  • It would be a crime not too have the death penalty

    If someone commits a crime that is punishable by death then that sentence should be carried out, there should be less appeal processes so the sentence is carried out quickly. The campaigners who fight against the death penalty need to really first consider the victim and their family and friends who are all to often the forgot in all of this, there should be less concentration on Prisoners rights and more concentrate on justice for the victim.

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