• A good thing?

    I think that many people agree that killing people is wrong . However , where is the line ?
    I agree with that if a person steals a car , or beats someone up that the death penalty shouldn't be used . How about murder ? Where is the line ?

  • It is Karma

    I believe for truly heinous crimes like pedophilia, Rape, And murder of children, This is justice. They get to feel same pain they put victims through. Not for innocent or criminals who did minor things. Just for truly monstrous people who weren’t sorry for hurting others. Think about that now.

  • People cost money

    If the people are dead than they can't cost the state any money because they're 6 feet underground. And it gets rid of the the bottom dwellers of the society. There is no reason for this scum to be a part of our great world. And we don't need to spend taxpayer money on people who were too stupid to follow the rules.

  • Should taxpayers be forced to house and feed criminals

    I agree in the death penalty only if there is undeniable evidence of guilt. People who commit crimes are dangerous. They don't treat their victims fairly. Why should we. Forcing taxpayers to feed and house these people in a prison is far more costly than lawfully executing them. If someone murders, tortures, or/and rapes another human being, they forfeit their own rights by their violation of those of others.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Do you have in mind

    Although many people believe the death penalty is a horrible way to treat another human being, may I remind you what the death penalty is sentenced for. Rape, Murder, the kidnapping and killing of a child! Are these the kind of people that we want running around? Of course not! Then, when we cant' kill them, well, you think our jails are full

  • How is this humane?

    Killing people no matter what they have done is inhumane. When people are put on death row most end up dying of natural causes before their execution. Killing these people as a warning does nothing since the majority of criminals have no mind to be caught in the first case. And in the event of rape or pedophilia especially, it is an unspoken agreement that if someone like that were to enter the prison, most inmates would attempt to kill them. They are often put into isolation to prevent this but it mostly does not work. Also, people think that the death penalty is painless. It's not. It takes much longer to die than you would think especially with things such as the electric chair or hanging. Even in the cases such as lethal injections, the execution may not go as planned and the scheduled eight minutes may extend to eighteen such is of the case of John Wayne Gacy.

  • In some cases, yes. In others, no.

    I rarely think that anyone should be put to death. I know some people do terrible, terrible things. Things that bring some to tears, and others to taking their own life. Murderers, Rapists, Terrorists, Abusers etc. I'm not saying that everyone is innocent, and everyone should be able to live the life they want. I'm saying that killing another human being in wrong in my eyes. No matter what is it they've done. I think it's wrong. Like I said, it's only the majority of the time I think this. Rarely I look at what someone's done and think "he should be dead". This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree. I think this mainly because we are all human beings. I don't think we're all brilliant and beautiful. I think some of us are terrible, disgusting, heartless b*****s. I also don't think that just because someone robbed a bank, or shoots someone (and they don't die), stole a car, beats someone up etc. I don't think any of that deserves the death penalty. People like rapists, murderers (intentionally), child abusers, terrorists etc, I think they deserve to die. Whereas stealing a car or shooting someone's leg won't affect your life in a /huge/ way, being raped or murdered or watching people you know (maybe even family or friends) get blown up or shot dead, that can and will most likely affect your life massively.

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