• Death Penalty in All US States

    The death penalty should be a Federal law. Makes no sense that the death penalty is legal in one state but an imaginary line separating another State is not. As a federal and state tax payor why should I have to pay to house a killer for years and years in jail. The killer or killers should have no more than 1 year to appeal the death sentence. I chose to live my life by following the law and being a good citizen. Those people who kill others and go to jail should not be allowed to have any rights. They should be put down as soon as possible. I don't believe in killing others but for those who do "an eye for an eye"! We as a country should not have to pay to feed, cloth and take care of those who have chosen to be monsters. I feel I should have the right to adjust my taxes and not have to pay for something I don't believe in. Let those who don't believe in the death penalty pay to take care of them. This country has to be strong and punish those appropriately for the laws they chose to break.

  • Yes, in certain cases the death penalty is warranted.

    Yes the death penalty is an acceptable punishment in special instances. For example, serial killers and serial rapists have a high rate of recidivism. To set these people free, would endanger the public well-being. To keep them alive in prison is costly and an absolute waste of government money. Those tax dollars could be put to better use, such as educating and rehabilitating prisoners that are not a danger to society or putting programs that preemptively help high-risk individuals, through social programs,such as job training, in place.

  • No, the death penalty is not an acceptable punishment.

    The death penalty is not an acceptable punishment for a number of reasons. The death penalty remains an arbitrary punishment. People are on death row in the United States for crimes that are committed by other people who do not receive the same punishment. An innocent person condemned to death can never be vindicated once his or her punishment is carried out. Research studies reveal that the death sentence no more deters criminal conduct than does long prison sentences.

  • No, the death penalty is not acceptable.

    Many people commit horrific crimes, and the logic of exchanging a death for a death makes some abstract sense. However, the death penalty is unacceptable for practical reasons. Because of errors in the system, hundreds or even thousands of innocent people are convicted of capital crimes, and putting them to death would be the greatest injustice in the world. Unless a legal system is inherently free of error, the death penalty is unacceptable.

  • The death penalty is an antiquated punishment still practiced by very few developed nations.

    The United States is among only a handful of nations that still enforce the death penalty. Of those nations that still do, several are known for their extreme military style regimes. Much of the world considers the death penalty barbaric and antiquated. Furthermore, the United States prison system is based on the idea of reform. Putting people to death is akin to saying they are beyond all hope of reform, which is counter to ideals on which our criminal justice system is founded.

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