• If they die

    Well for starters if you're dead you aren't going to be breaking the law anymore also unless they are suicidal maniacs the threat of the death penalty should deter them from future crimes. We should administer the death penalty for all crimes cause people die all the time anyway. So in summary yeah

  • The death penalty works every time it's applied.

    The death penalty is 100 percent effective, actually. It's a sentence that, when carried out, terminates the life of the condemned prisoner. I'm sure the asker of this question meant is it effective in deterring future crime? Maybe not so much, but I don't think that detracts from the reality that some people need to be removed from this planet for their actions.

  • Yes, the death penalty is effective.

    The death penalty has been extremely effective. Nobody has ever had their death warrant signed and executed and lived to tell about it. This means that we do an effective job of killing people. These people will never commit a heinous crime again because they are dead. This is extremely efficient.

  • Is very efective

    Death penalties can be very efective I know you'll going like crazy because of the "killing people" thing I particularly don't agree with that nut in a other way its effective because of the impact on people. That in every other way can be a greatest good in humanity! ( I don't agree with death penalty but I have to be on this side because )

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  • It's not a great prevention,

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  • Yes my friends

    It will stop serial killers, rich people who bribes and come out of prison after only sometime. Death penalty will clean those bastards. Personally thinks that death penalty is right choice for most of crimes like stealing robbing killing raping ETC. but it is not for car accidents adadada a da

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    The death penalty scares the criminals, thus reducing the crime rate. This also does not defy religion to a certain extent. If a person has done so much wrong, we do not need to forgive them for it, for God is forgiving, and that person may repent for their crimes to him.

  • No It Is Not.

    From 1991 to 2011 the states without the death penalty had an (on average) 31.7 % lower murder rate than the states that had the death penalty. (deathpenaltyinfo.Org)

    This shows that the death penalty is not effective in stopping murder at all, and so it is a a cruel not effective punishment.

  • No it's NOT

    Death penalty is never effective first it makes criminals want to have death penalty . Governments don't want more killing in their countries then why are they authorizing death penalty they are killing people while they are saying that killing is bad. How can you call yourself a person that loves your religon when you are for death penalty YOU DONT KILL FOR A MISTAKE SOMEONE HAS MADE IH HOS OR HER LIFE!

  • Death penalty ineffective

    The death penalty is not effective and needs to more strict. They need to put more people in the chair to show people that there breaking the law will not be tolerated by the citizens of United States of America. People break the law because they know that the penalty will not be death.

  • It is stupid.

    It is irrelevant and way too much, if you're going to punish someone by killing them then you shouldn't waster anymore of your time let alone money than you should. If they're so worth killing then they shouldn't be worth 2.5 to 5 million dollars. Plus I believe they should get done to them what they did. A murder for a murder, but not a humane one. One where they suffer the way their victim and victim's family did.

  • They get what they want.

    If the criminal killed someone, and they are asking for the death penalty, they are getting what they want!!! Instead of getting what they want, we should use reverse phsycology and give them what they DONT want. I do not think that they would learn if they got what they ask for. Therefore my answer is no.

  • Getting executed is not acceptable

    A murderer kills an innocent child. You may want to have him executed By lethal injection, Or the electric chair, But there is another option. You have the choice to have him killed or you can let him rot in prison with the guilt of what he did staying with him. I believe this is a better way of punishment.

  • It's not effective

    Multiple people commit the same crimes that the next person did but would only get sentenced to life in prison when the next guy is being sentenced to death. And the fact that people are stupid and do these things for attention most of the time (Rarely due to mental disabilities). All of these are based on biased opinions of multiple people that say these things.

  • Its absolutely rediculouse

    I think its stupid and shuld be banned worldwide because its expensive and its commiting a crime just to punish the criminal... Everyone is moaning about how to lower crime rates in the world and this is highering them why cant they just put them in a cell like they do to the other criminals and sentes them to life hey......

  • Death penalties are not effective.

    Death penalties are not effective, I think this because by killing someone for committing a crime, you are yourself are just committing another crime. Committing a crime yourself to punish someone else who has committed a crime is not acceptable and is also hypocritical. Death penalties are unsuccessful and useless.

  • It's not about penalty, it's about education.

    We are born to be equal, what depends a person good or bad is the education, death penalty just working nothing about that, and if education do not work, it's the government should takes the responsibility, there are criminals just because we did not care for others enough, it's the responsibility of the whole society, and never can't be solved by execute any specific person.

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joshua1998 says2013-11-18T19:01:43.943
The death penalty is not effective and needs to more strict. They need to put more people in the chair to show people that there breaking the law will not be tolerated by the citizens of United States of America.