• The death penalty is fair.

    The death penalty is fair. You would have to be a serious offender such as a murderer to be given the death sentence. It is only fair because apparently the people that get the death sentence do not care anything about another human life. I think the death sentence is fair and the threat of being sentenced to it stops crimes.

  • Yes, I believe the death penalty is fair.

    Yes, I believe the death penalty is fair. If a person is a danger to society they should be put to death. I even believe that the death penalty should be extended to people who do thinks like serial rapists, or serial child molesters. These people need to be taken off of the street to protect our women and children.

  • Death penalty is fair.

    If you are going to commit a crime that is bad enough to lead you to the death penalty, you do deserve to die. Most people on death row have committed murders, and if you took someone elses life, your life should be taken as well as you do not deserve to live.

  • Death Penalty Is Quite Fair

    If a trial is handled correctly and all appeals are exhausted, then the death penalty is absolutely fair. Otherwise, death row inmates exhaust state and federal resources while harming each other in various ways. This population should be reduced to decrease state costs and get rid of people that have committed heinous crimes.

  • The death penalty is not fair

    Although many of the victims friends and family feel like the death of that person is a consolation, Really the person to execute them is no better than the murder them selves. This is because you are taking someone else’s life, Regardless of the fact that they killed someone them self. If anyone who killed anyone was put to death than The people putting the killer to death should be charged accordingly.

  • Not fair at all!!!

    First, the death penalty supports felony murder law, which is basically a law that states if you are in anyway related to a murder even if you didn't do it, you can be tried as if you DID do it. For example, a man lent his car to friends and the friends killed someone. The man who lent the car got charged with murder and faced the death penalty. Also, people who don't kill the other people receive worst punishments then people who do. For example, a man held back a guy while his friend killed him. The man who held the guy back received the death penalty while the guy who killed the guy just got life in prison. I will never agree that the death penalty is justified in any way. We need to get rid of it. States without the death penalty have lower murder rates then states with the death penalty,.

  • The death penalty is fair.

    When a judge and jury decide on the death penalty, it is fair. If the person being executed thinks its unfair, he should have thought of that before be committed the heinous crime that got him in trouble in the first place. It's necessary for the worst criminals to receive the worst punishments.

  • No, the death penalty is not necessarily fair.

    I don't think taking the life of anyone is technically fair. Taking away someone's life will never make up for the crime. However, there are theories that it helps keep people from committing violent crimes (which is difficult to prove), and also that it can bring some level of closure to the family that was victimized. So while it may be something that we accept, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's fair.

  • Not always fair

    I honestly do believe that the death penalty does have it's time and place, but with the several cases that have been overturned by DNA evidence for inmates that were on death row, it does seem unfair. Putting horrible people to death is one thing, but when we are executing innocents, it's a problem.

  • The government should not be able to kill people if you did something bad do you think you should die

    The government has no big control because we have a democracy so the citizens control and picks a president

    If you did something very bad do you think you deserve to go to jail you would be mad and you would not want to die you would rather stay in jail for life

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