• Yes, death is absolutely too light a punishment.

    Government sponsored torture squads should be dispatched to deal with the worst of criminals. A killer goes on a rampage murdering countless innocents, and how would the court system deal with it? Death by lethal injection. No, torture them to the point that they beg for death. Broadcast it and see a true deterrent in crime. However, this practice should only be reserved for the most extreme cases. It's time for society to stop sympathizing with criminals. We all have choice. These people chose to discard their humanity and commit unspeakable atrocities. I can't take any opposing opinions seriously, unless you have seen violence and brutality in your face spitting, biting, and screaming. Not the watered down stories on the news.

  • The death penalty has not proved its purpose

    Statistics have shown that the death penalty has no deterrence in murder rates. In fact, states with high use of the death penalty still has some of the highest murder rates. Since there's no deterrence, then the government is wasting our tax dollars on the death penalty when it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, which is to deter crime.

  • Courts can sometimes get it wrong.

    Hopefully courts are as unbiased and fair as possible... But a lot of stuff can happen to influence the final decision. Corrupt judging, un talented lawyers, confused witnesses. If the person accused of, for example, murder, hasn't actually killed the deceased, then there is no way of taking back the decision. You can't just let them out of prison. Death is the final on earth (no matter what you believe about the afterlife).

  • Death isn't the orst punishment

    Why kill someone? Wouldn't you be doing them a favor? People commit suicide daily, rapists and kidnapers commit suicides in prisons or while running, seems to me that death is a way out, why not keep them alive and torture them for 10 years and then release them into the real world, build into his organism a mini bomb or a cyanide deposit that explodes if he tries to do something radical, this opinion can be worked on but death is not a punishment, it's a solution

  • Capital punishment does not deter crime.

    Capital punishment, as seen above, does not deter crime. Statistics do not support the claim, and even based on common sense, most people do not refrain from murder nor commit murder because of a calculation of the threat of the death penalty. In short, people would not refrain from murder even if they get threatened by the death penalty.

  • Death Penalty Is Not Futile

    I don't think a death penalty is futile because it can have effects. Death penalty usually doesn't occur unless someone commits a high degree of murder. Correct me if I'm wrong but if a murder is committed at a high degree shouldn't the consequence should be as brutal? I do think so. If a loved one were to be brutally murdered you would want the greatest measure of justice possible, would you not?

  • Death Penalty is not BARBARIC!!!!

    People often say that death penalties are too violent and that we are stooping to the level of the convict, let's assume that he/she is a murderer. The thing is that a life sentence or a few decades in jail is just not doing justice to the victim's family. What if he were to escape or even after he gets out off jail after all those years, what guarantee is there that he wouldn't kill again? A death penalty would strike fear into most people's hearts and they might not commit the crime. It would bring the crime rate down too, a punishment of such totality.

  • Death penalty is justice

    Death penalty is only given to criminals who committed capital crimes. The crimes they committed are the ones futile because they degrade their fellow human beings. Murder, rape, and the like are in existent for a thousand years, so the death penalty. On the other hand, death penalty upholds the dignity of human being by giving justice to what happened to him and putting the criminal to death.

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