• Yes it is humane

    With the fact that if they are arrested and sentenced life in prison they will never be taken for parol so they will just rot in the jail and with the amount of prisoners in many jails they will have more chances for injuries and painful deaths but with injections they are fast and painless.

  • It may not be humane but do you think he or she was humane while committing the crime

    I support the death penalty, it should be allowed, its like 1.6% of people killed by the death penalty to be prove innocent in the end. But in the end do you think they were humane when committing the crime. No. And its like 68.7% of felons, are back in cuffs not even 3 years latter. Clear the streets I say.

  • Humane my ass

    No its not humane, to kill someone is a federal crime. If you are agenst killing and think this person did wrong doings, then why tf are u killing them? Bitch I don't think you understand, ur doing something worse! Your killing and not only are you the one sticking the shot into them but everyone (cops, who ever works at the jail) is on your side. Like NOOO thats not how it works!!! Maybe u dont get it, ur dog gets put down right, and ur all like "OHhh u cant kill my baby!! Blah blah blah blah" but then when it comes to the people who run this world u can kill them off like flys. W T F!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also did UUUU know they dont take the DNA test until the goddamn person is dead?!?! Yup so all those inoccent people got killed for nothing nada ziltch!!! BITCH RE THINK NEXT TIME!!!!!

  • Yes death Penalty is humane

    According to me once a criminal is always a criminal. Leaving a criminal with monitoring will most probably lead to that criminal repeating the crime. Its much more humane to kill a person at once than to give him slow poison by asking him to live in seclude for life long.

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  • Well everyone should die

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  • Yes, I'ts more humane than than incarceration.

    When animals are too old to be useful or will have a harder we put them down. Back in the day this was done with a gun to the head and today with lethal injections which make sure the person being killed isn't feeling too much pain. However when in prison they rot, will most likely be back in prison because they wont't be hired again when released most likely. May get raped or hurt by other inmates who are most likely just trying to survive by forming a tribe of sorts where they are the leader. Prisons also give minimal food, water and release from cells. All this to teach prisoners to fear the government and what it can do should you actively cross it. Which means they are more likely to come back to prison because they trust government establishments less. Or commit worse crimes should they feel it's more rewarding to commit crimes. Those that don't go back to prison and have experienced fairly few problems weren't really all that criminal to begin with. Prisons are their own countries ruled by Darwinism. Where people don't come out with some kind of trauma or horror story if they went to anything higher than a low security prison.

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  • The death penalty is most definitely humane.

    It is humane because rotting away in a jail cell is completely wrong. People in solitary confinement or life in prison do not enjoy a happy life but have serious psychological problems during their time. The death penalty is better than confinement because of the way the prisoner is treated and cared for because they are able to be free.

  • Whether it is humane is not the question

    I do not support the death penalty simply because it gives the government the right to kill someone legally. There are certainly people in this world who deserve to die, but I'd rather they be lynched by a mob than "lethally injected" by the government. Why give unnecessary power to the corrupt. Also, there comes the question of whether the person is actually guilty. Overall, I think the cons outweigh the pros.

  • Not Humane But Can Serve As A Deterrent If Done Properly

    No, the death penalty is not humane, as it isn't humane to kill any human being in any circumstance. It is wrong on a fundamental level because it authorizes the government to do what it does not permit its citizens to do (intentionally taking human life).

    However, the death penalty can serve as a deterrent to crime if done properly. The problem is we don't do it properly in America. It needs to be swift and obvious if it is to serve as a deterrent. As it is, it doesn't resonate with anyone who is considering a capital crime.

  • The death of a single innocent person makes the death penalty inhumane

    The death penalty has been responsible for the death of many innocent people as well as people handed a sentence that didn't fit the level of the crime. Life imprisonment has the distinct advantage that it can lead to liberation if new evidence uncovers innocence. In a country where it is still possible to be put to death based on witness testimony, the weakest form of evidence, this penalty should not be allowed.

    The idea behind prisons should be to separate dangerous individuals from society. Taking someone's life goes beyond that and we should not allow ourselves or institutions to have such power.

  • Death only kills the person but not the problem

    Have anyone here ever think why a person commits a crime or why an offender violates the law? Have it ever crossed ur mind that a person's action is influenced by his/her environment and his/her attitude and behavior is molded by the society he/she is living with? Imposing death penalty will never solve anything, It will never be humane nor just. KILL THE CRIME NOT THE PERSON

  • Its just not

    You always risk killing an innocent person. It just isn't right to do and i cannot believe people would actually believe its okay to have. It violates human right to life. No matter wha the crime, nobody should have the option to decide whether somebody lives or dies. Its also a race issue

  • 2 wrongs don't make a right

    The government shouldn't have the right to take a human life alike it's citizens. This is unfair and probably used as justification for some murderers. Say John thinks someone killed his friend, it's just that John tracks down the suspect and burns them to death (electric chair does this). Is this fair? No. Duh

  • No one should have to be put to death in any crime.

    No one should be put to death because of a crime that happened. I think this because killing someone will NOT bring the other person back to life. Also, some people make mistakes after putting criminals to death. It may not have been their fault. Considering death penalty humane violates human rights and no one should have to go through execution. And last, it can break the 8th amendment.

  • It is MURDER

    You arrest someone for committing a murder then you murder that person who murdered someone so you committed a crime and you are killing someone yourself so why is it okay for prisons to murder people but it is not okay for me to murder someone like how prisons murder people

  • NO it is nor humane

    The death penalty is not humane for many reasons such as religious reasons, ethical reasons, and it gives the government the right to do what they tell you not to do. If the government are trying to lead by example no wonder there are so many mass murders these days.

  • It is morally wrong

    Just because it doesn't fill up the jails doesn't mean that we should kill people. Thou shall not kill. From the bible. I think that it is stupid for someone to get killed for no good reason. I think that it is unethical to kill someone. Whats is the point.

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