• Murder to show murder is wrong?

    It makes no sense to show that murder is wrong by committing a murder. A country that murders it's on citizens. The person is going to die either way. Why not let them live with what they did? Leave them locked in a cell for the rest of their life. Hypocrisy at its best.

  • A monstrous hypocrisy

    Murder is murder. NOTHING gives one the right to end another person's life REGARDLESS. Murder cannot be 'justified'. 'Eye for an eye'? How about - 'eye for an eye for an eye'? Lose all reasoning and justification. The death penalty is nothing short of a monstrous hypocrisy. Murder is murder, period.

  • Two wrongs do not make a right.

    The wrong way to approach a situation is to inflict what someone is accused of upon them. When someone steals something, the government doesn't just steal the same thing from that person, they teach them a lesson. Lessons to ensure that person won't commit the same crime again. A man who shoots and kills children deserves to see the faces of those children every single day until God takes him. Make him go insane, it was his decision.

  • Kill because killing is wrong?

    Heck yes, the death penalty is hypocritical. The fact is that it is government-sponsored killing of its own citizens. The reason it is done is to show the killer that killing is wrong. Paying back the killing with killing makes no sense at all. In all its "fairness", it is inherently unfair. Any murderer with a lot of money can avoid getting the death penalty. Just look at any high profile person who has committed murder. They sometimes can even avoid conviction as well. Some argue that it saves money to kill a person. Saves money-- that is not a good enough reason for our government to judge a person unworthy of life. We can safeguard society by keeping the person in jail forever. Some argue that jail is a wonderful, comfortable place to again. The question, is it hypocritical? The answer, without a doubt is yes.

  • Yes it is

    There are a lot of places that use way more things than we do for criminals. I think that the death penalty helps keep somethings in order. We have to many people that sit on death row too long. All that does is cost the tax payer more money. They committed the ultimate crime they should pay the ultimate price.

  • Yes I do

    People often forget that many of these killer's have a mother, a father, children who are innocent and will also lose a loved one. So the only result of capital punishment is that it creates more suffering because of what their son/father/brother did. I believe it's harmful to society because it teaches people to hate and seek revenge, and to devalue human life in general.

  • Killing is WRONG unless it's self defense.

    The death penalty is discouraging murder with the penalty of murder itself, You can't discourage something and then condone it just because its under the jurisdiction of law. Try teaching kids its not right to steal, then walking into a store holding it up at gunpoint and robbing it in front of that same child.

  • Kill to show killing is wrong

    So we kill someone to show that killing is wrong. Whats up with that. If we say that killing is wrong then why are we killing THEM to tell them that killing is wrong. Remember an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind. Thats just my point of view.

  • We punish people for killing by killing.

    How in the world does this make any sense?! How do we justify punishing people who take lives by taking lives? I have no idea where people feel okay conscientiously by taking these actions. Not only is "thou shall not kill" one of our ten commandments, but if you are to say that that is based upon faith alone, how about our own bill of rights where the eighth amendment states "excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted"? Our government has taken it upon themselves to play the role of God. Period! It is an unethical and detestable situation all around! Families of victims have even begun fighting against capital punishment because even they don't agree with it!I

  • We kill to show that killing is wrong.

    To kill some one who has killed to prove that killing is wrong is so backwards. What type of system is this? It makes no sense. To show that killing is wrong we have to take a different route than the same route they took. If we are trying to teach that killing is bad, then why do we do it?

  • So sending kidnappers to jail is hypocritical? Or making a thief or committer of financial fraud pay a fine?

    We send kidnappers to jail. The kidnapper took someone and held them against their will and now we are doing the same thing to the kidnapper. Is that hypocritical?

    Sometimes penalties for theft or financial fraud include fines. They took people's money now we take their money. Is that hypocritical?

    I'm against the death penalty but the whole "it's hypocritical" argument is not a good one.

  • No

    Your wasting your tax dollars keeping them in prison for the rest of their lives. Some people for what they have done deserve to die. I'll ask them to people who say it's hypocritical. If Charles Manson got the death penalty (he actually did but it was overturned in California) would you support the governments decision to execute him?

  • Support of the Death Penalty

    I do not believe that the death penalty is hypocritical. When someone voluntarily takes a life they should automatically forfeit their right to life. The person that they killed did not have a choice, so they should not have a choice. The death penalty in my eyes is not murder. They perform the procedure so the person feels as little pain as possible.

  • No, the death penalty is not hypocritical.

    The death penalty serves a purpose. I do not believe based on statistics that criminals especially mass murderers can be rehabilitated. The chance of them committing another heinous crime and repeating their actions is quite high. Allowing them the same fate they chose for their victims is called justice not some random criminal act which they chose to commit. The pain and suffering they caused not only their victims but their loved ones should be repaid with their own life. That is repayment and justice is not hypocrisy.

  • No I don't necessarily find the death penalty hypocritical

    Is it crude? Maybe so, maybe even harsh in a way. But.....every action has a consequence be it good or bad attached to it. It just so happens that in this case it is the ultimate consequence, having taken another life. If you kill someone, if you murder them more specifically, you don't particularly deserve the comfort of a life of your own I don't think. So I don't think the death penalty is hypocritical. As I say, is it crude? Maybe so, but it may deter a lot more crime if the consequence for it was that.

  • Right to Life can be Revoked

    There are certain people that just don't deserve to live. Certain crimes are so heinous that the person who committed them needs to be removed not just from society (ie, imprisoned) but removed from the world completely. People where it is not safe for the rest of society to even take the chance of them getting out of prison or even repeating their crimes on other criminals there in prison with them. There is no hypocrisy involved at all, merely safeguarding society.

  • No, it is an eye for an eye

    There a lot of places that use way more things than we do for criminals. I think that the death penalty helps keep somethings in order. We have to many people that sit on death row too long. All that does is cost the tax payer more money. They committed the ultimate crime they should pay the ultimate price.

  • Murder in the name of justice is as sick and inhumane as murder in the name of aggression.

    The logic that when one kills another that individual must be then murdered by the state for his or her deeds is just a hypocritical way of being as sick as that person but giving it the name of justice. It is no less evil than the actions of a murderer.

  • Most definitely not...

    Are you trying to tell me that if a man raped and killed a child or woman he shouldn't be put to death because it would be "hypocritical"? I scoff at that for so many reasons. If the death penalty was legal in all states there would surely be less murders. Letting them "rot in jail" isn't enough. You're paying more taxes to house and feed these pedophiles and murderers. The death penalty is much cheaper than sending them to a prison. The government has a lot of flaws, and one of them is not legalizing the death penalty in the United States everywhere. Bottom line is, it doesn't matter if these monsters have a family, or "people who love them" regardless that person who committed that heinous crime should receive capital punishment. They did not take into consideration that the people they hurt/killed/raped had families. Did they? No, they didn't... So why should we?

  • The death penalty is not hypocritical for Christians.

    Christians are not hypocritical for raising armies to defend themselves. Christians are not hypocritical for waging war to defend themselves, to protect their society.
    Christians are not hypocritical for passing laws to protect and support their society. They are not hypocritical for Christians to enforce their laws.
    How can anyone in the United States of America say that it is right for us to draft young, dumb, farm boys from our home land to die on the lands in Europe but it is wrong to put to death a killer?
    We draft boys into the army to protect our society. We kill those convicted of crimes worthy of the death penalty, to protect our society.
    As a Christian, I believe that we all will live forever, either a good place or a bad one. So, for me, the death penalty is just sending someone on to the next stage. I believe in the next life, there will be a perfect judgement. I know that our justice system is not perfect.
    I know that people who do not believe in the after life have a different perspective.
    If it takes a village to raise a child, don't the people in the village get to choice who will make up the village?

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