• The death penalty is immoral and wrong

    From a religious point of view, you didn't give that person life you have no right to take it back. Only God has the right to take lives. He made and he can destroy.
    Also if new evidence comes up you could be killing an innocent person. If someone's in jail and they're innocent they can be easily let out but you can't bring people back from the dead. When they're gone they're gone.
    And murder is murder no matter what reason you have. To give them the death penalty you're no better than them. Honestly I think it's barbaric and not right.

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  • Teach People to Kill By Killing People?

    The death penalty is NOT okay! In this sense, the government can be considered a murderer. Death is not deserved by ANYONE whatsoever. The government is essentially trying to teach people not to kill by killing people themselves! Isn't this what the government is trying to stop? This is not an eye for an eye, because two wrongs don't make a right. Why would the government resolve to killing someone when there are other ways to actually rehabilitate that person and get them the help that they need, instead of killing them off. I want to live in a country where life is valued, not where it is taken away. I believe that everybody makes mistakes, and even if some are absolutely terrible, nobody deserves death.

  • I Think The Majority Is Against The Death Penalty

    Morality and immorality are fairly subjective topics that can be made at personal level (what I think is right and wrong) or can be made at national level (what most people deem as right and wrong). I believe on the whole most people are against the death penalty, or at minimum, don't find it moral. Therefore I believe the death penalty is immoral.

  • Yes it is.

    It is immoral because two wrongs don't make right. If someone killed someone, do you have the right to do the same thing to them. No! Plus, there are a fair amount of people who are wrongly convicted. This alone makes it immoral because now innocent people are being killed.

  • What part of Thou Shalt Not Kill don't you understand?

    The immorality of the death penalty comes from the human desire for revenge and a slippery slope of unholy rationalizations to make is seem acceptable. The concept of the death penalty actually contradicts itself. Murder is the ultimate crime against a living person. Period. Killing the murderer is just another murder. The moral way is life without parole.

  • The death penalty is immoral as it is related to commmon moral practice in the United States.

    Before something can be deemed "immoral," it must first be measured against a set of values that serve as the basis for some sort of morality. Since there is no universal global values system, the immorality of the death penalty must be determined as it relates to common moral practice in the United States. The death penalty, although a form of punishment meant as a deterrent, is also murder. Murder is immoral according to common values shared by the majority of Americans. The death penalty is also, therefore, immoral.

  • The Death Penalty is Immoral

    The death penalty is immoral because it is irreversible. If new evidence comes to light in a case and we find out that an innocent man was convicted you can not bring them back to life. Unless we are 100% sure that every convicted murderer is guilty we can not morally use the death penalty. Sentencing an innocent man to death IS murder.

  • The United States is one of the last developed nations to utiize the death penalty.

    Most developed nations have long since abandoned the death penalty on the basis that it is cruel and unusual punishment, not to mention barbaric in nature. One big problem with the morality of the death penalty is that it attempts to deter crime with crime. The message sent as a result is very muddled and somewhat ineffective as a deterrent.

  • A great hypocrisy has no place in a great democracy

    As a humanist, I derive my moral consciousness from logic and founded upon the rules of fairness that allow a social being to survive cooperatively rather than some dusty old bronze age book of tales. The idea that killing people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong is a nasty bit of circular reasoning that has no place in a civilized society, Much less a moral one. Even if one doesn't recognize the bias and extreme prejudice with which "justice" is applied in our courts, Support for the death penalty signals the same moral turpitude as those against whom such supporters wish it to be applied. It does not act as a deterrent, That is a fact. The only other purpose for it is as an instrument of vengeance, Having no place in a moral society.

  • The death penalty is not immoral.

    The death penalty is not immoral. There are many other ways one could be punished, such as the guillotine or having all of their limbs pulled out of place; the death penalty is a piece of cake compared to many other methods. As the time-old saying goes “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, meaning whatever someone does to someone else, they should receive similar consequences.
    If someone unlawfully murders another person, what is their punishment (in most states)? They get to live happily behind bars, with free health care and more nutritional meals than school lunches; all paid for by taxpayers. Many of the prisoners that deserve the death penalty get to walk right out of prison, if they behave. That way, they can just redo their crime again and again because nothing can really stop them.
    The opposition may say that the death penalty is inhumane and unjustified. The inhumane can be easily fixed; doctors come up with new medicine every day, meaning they could certainly come up with a better version of a lethal injection. Lawmakers could easily come up with new guidelines for the death penalty, and then everyone would have to follow certain rules. Something unjustified would be the fact that someone is 6 feet below and their murderer still gets to live. According to deathpenalty.Org, in the past 10 years the number of executions in the U.S. has increased while the murder rate has declined (deathpenalty.Org).
    The death penalty is moral. Laws could be changed to make it even more so. Someone should not go unpunished because another person thinks that the death penalty is unjustified. Murderers and other criminals should be punished for what they have done, and there is no doubt about that.

  • Death penalty is not wrong

    Death penalty is such a punishment to make a deterrent effect, so the criminals who still outside and not yet being jailed feel afraid to do the crime again. In Indonesia, there is a death penalty who punish drugs dealers. The reason why the govt do this is that drugs dealers can ruin the young generations in the country itself. So, that's why it's better to kill some drugs criminals than kill many young generations of a country.

  • Of course not

    The saying an eye for an eye implies that the victim as well as the criminal are equal. However, the criminal is not equal because he/she violated a person's unalienable right to safety and safety. If they have done this, they must due process, or pay for what they have done to an innocent person's life. Capitol punishment dignifies the life or welfare that was taken by the criminal.

  • Of course, we should take care of all the rapists, murderers, and slavers.

    If you believe that the death penalty is immoral then you are probably don't know a whole lot about human nature. Humanity has always produced odd balls, people who aren't the same. These people have a lust for killing, raping, and slaving and torturing. Some of these people keep these violent thoughts to themselves, which I am perfectly fine with. If you can contain that within yourself and never harm another human being, then bless you. But if you actually go out at night, looking for victims to rape and murder, and you have actually committed these heinous crimes, especially more than once, then you deserve to have your life ended. To permanently scar or even take away some one's life is an unforgivable crime and I believe that, like if a dog attacks a young boy, it is put down. If you do the same, then YOU should be put down. Society doesn't need prowlers on the look out to ruin nice people's lives.

  • Get real america.

    The death penalty is NOT immoral. It should be used to inflict punishment on terrible acts as rape, school shooting, mass murders and so on.. Why would we let them rot away in prison? Your tax dollars pay for his or hers three meals a day, free health care, and yard activities. You are basically stating that because they did such a horrific act, we should put them in a prison to take care of them? Ha ha! The way people think in this world, too much love sometimes I think. What if your daughter were brutal raped then hung from her feet to be murdered by a horrible man. I can with 100 percent assurity tell you, you would want that man dead. Much more violently then they would do an death row to be more specific.

  • The death penalty is not immoral.

    The death penalty is not immoral. The death penalty is a threat that we can use to keep criminals from committing a very horrible act. I think that the death penalty should be used because these people are usually murderers and do not have any grasp on the value of human life.

  • No, it's not

    Death penalty is a just punishment for taking a life. A murderer destroys a whole special and precious world named a human being; it also affects the family of the murdered one, in such ways that they will never fully recover. The murderer deserves to die for doing such a thing.

  • Is there nothing so wrong ?

    To say the death penalty is immoral means that there is NO crime so bad that the death penalty should not be used. The Boston Marathon bomber took many lives and threatened an entire city. Columbine was a good example where the penalty could have been used. A distinction must be made between the death penalty as a penalty and the death penalty as practiced. Perhaps the penalty is not immoral, while its application may present some moral issues.

  • Of course not.

    It's called an eye for an eye, that seems pretty moral nowadays. I don't care what anybody says, if you are a serial killer there is no choice but to end you life. By ending it we can ensure that dozens and possibly hundreds of lives are safe from you.

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