Is the death penalty inherently cruel and unusual?

  • Very cruel indeed

    Death sentences are cruel, not just to the victim of such sentence, but also to the family. If you execute a person, then you add grief to a family who has not committed a crime. Plus, what if the criminal would have done something important later in life, would it not be cruel to rob the world of a possible hero? I know that not everyone is the hero, but the more you kill, the more would-be heroes die. Stop death sentences.

  • Yes I believe so.

    The death penalty is completely cruel and unusual. While I recognise that the death penalty for people who have committed heinous crimes may make the victims or society at large feel better, it is not justice. A Criminal Justice system is about just that, Justice. Revenge is not just. The U.S has the highest numbers of incarcerated citizens per capita in the world. This is down to the fact that companies can profit off almost slave labour in prisons and the ridiculous drug laws in America. The excuse that it's okay to kill people who do bad stuff to save money is ridiculous. Rehabilitation for criminals is important. If my family were murdered, yes I would want to see the perpetrator killed, but I'm not in charge of the courts, justice isn't vengeance and society doesn't get to kill people. Rehabilitation to prevent recidivism is central and people shouldn't be killed just because it will make someone else feel better. Why murder someone when you could not murder them and try to fix them?

  • Death penalties do not teach the guilty their lessons. The dead can't learn.

    The only function the death penalty serves is to be a deterrent to other serious criminals. A rotting or cremated brain can't learn. It is hard for people to believe that a heinous criminal can be loved, but many of them are. Executing them creates the same grief for the criminals' loved ones that the criminals created for other people.

    Does the death penalty at least work as a deterrent? It probably does to an extent, but people keep committing capital crimes, anyway. Not all of the people who commit capital crimes are psychopaths. Many of them had bad upbringings, felt like they had no choices but to join gangs, weren't very bright, or at least experience genuine remorse eventually.

    As for the period of time before the guilty are put to death, they endure psychological torment whether or not they experience remorse. It's not productive suffering. Suffering should result in some greater good or not happen at all.

  • No

    The death penalty is not inherently cruel and unusual but the crimes that people commit prior to receiving it are. Especially todays methods of injection and the electric chair, those are the easy way to go for people who have committed crimes against humanity. Stoning and fire squads could be considered cruel but with todays cushy methods it definitely is not.

  • Costs are way too high.

    The death penalty is something that I find to be really screwed up, but the fact that it costs so much money to house a prisoner, really makes me mad, there are people who are starving in the streets, and there are people who have done truly terrible things, that get 3 square meals a day. it just doesn't seem to make any sense. while killing someone for killing some one does seem to be wrong, it seems better then taking money away from the programs that help people who actually need it.

  • No

    Personally, I would argue that there are some acts that people are put to death for where being put to death is too light a sentence. I don't like the idea of taking a human life at all, and I believe that extreme circumstances call for extreme evidence, but I do not believe that it is inherently cruel and unusual.

    If you willfully, savagely, and horrifyingly take lives, then you deserve to be put down like the animal that you are. That's just my way of looking at it.

  • Severe Consequences For Severe Acts

    The death penalty is not something to be taken lightly. It is the ultimate punishment that a government can enact upon one of its citizens. With that being said, it is not inherently cruel and unusual. Some forms of capital punishment may be cruel, such as death by stoning or torture. But the system used in modern industrialized countries is humane and effective.

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