• Rape, murder, terrorism, treason, attempted murder

    All of these deserve the death penalty, mandatory
    There also shouldn't be a 13 year wait and they shouldn't die painlessly with an injection, a fire would be alright
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  • Yes, the death penalty is justified in some criminal cases.

    The death penalty is justified when a person is guilty of murder. It should also be applied when individuals sexually abuse children and for those who physically abuse or torture children. Our society should not support and sustain individuals who perpetrate these heinous crimes. Putting them in prison does not rehabilitate them and it just costs taxpayers money to keep them alive.

  • Yes, it is justified in some cases.

    The death penalty is justified in some cases. Yes, it is controversial, and often overused. Many criminals deserve life in prison; which would be a worse punishment than the death penalty. However, in cases where many people were killed by violent acts, a criminal is not worth the money that taxpayers must spend to keep him alive. Therefore, in some cases, the death penalty is the best option.

  • The death penalty can be justified

    The death penalty can be justified in certain instances. Sometimes, the crime is so heinous, that the perpetrator should pay the ultimate price and be punished with the loss of his or her life. These are mass murderers that show no regard for human life. People such as this should be removed permanently from society through execution.

  • An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind

    I do not understand how you could justify punishment for say murdering someone, by essentially doing the same. Surely this leaves as much blood on the hands of the justice system as the perpetrator. It is essentially instilling the message that murder is wrong for the individual, but somehow moral as an establishment or institution - and that is counter intuitive.
    You do not have the authority to decide if someone else's life should be taken from them, or is worth living. This is a basic right, and what is so intrinsically wrong with murder in the first place.
    And that is not to even mention the impracticability associated with the the death penalty, and previous cases of wrongly convicting and executing...

  • No, the death penalty is never justified.

    No, the death penalty is never justified, even though it may seem like the most fitting response to certain crimes. We should not believe in an "eye for an eye." Who are we to decided who gets to live and who dies? The death penalty leaves blood on our hands.

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