Is the death penalty justified in the United States?

  • Concept of Justice:

    We don't necessarily kill people who kill people to show them that killing people is wrong, we kill people who kill people so they can't kill people any more. That's called self defense. We also kill people who kill people because it's justice. If one has a problem with that maybe they have a problem with the concept of justice. There is one good argument why you may argue against attempting to kill the people who kill people and that is mistaken identity and the numbers of people who have been convicted of crime then later cleared by DNA evidence. There is no reparation enough to compensate for someone executed for a crime for which they are not guilty. Nevertheless, I remain in favor of the death penalty when it is proved that one is guilty to a high degree of certainty, and also endorse it for more than murder. I believe it should be available for extreme acts of cruelty not resulting in death such as maiming, certain sex crimes especially child molestation etc.

  • Yes, in extreme cases and with certainty.

    We need to be looking at our racism in putting people on death row. However, once we know that someone has committed a horrible crime in a premeditated way and there is almost no chance that this person can be rehabilitated, then death would actually be a more human punishment and save us resources.

  • If you take a life your life should be taken

    Yes, I believe that the death penalty is justified in the United States. As far as I understand, only those that have committed the ultimate crimes such as murder are sentenced to death. The death penalty is not taken lightly and appeals are given to ensure that it is the correct sentence, so I must conclude that it is justified: a life for a life.

  • The death penalty justified in the United States.

    The death penalty is sometimes justified for the worst crimes. If someone has committed a terrible crime, sometimes the only way to bring closure to the loved ones of the victims is through the death penalty. Someone who takes the life of other people should have no problem with being killed by the justice system.

  • The death penalty is justified in the United States

    The death penalty is justified in the United States as it is the best way to deal with habitual offenders and people who commit violent or heinous crimes. There should be no life sentence option, it should go right to death penalty and skip the years wasted in jail. The punishment should be a life for a life. That might make people stop and think before they fire a shot, drop the poison, or contaminate the food supply with unsafe practices.

  • Death penalty is justified.

    The death penalty is a punishment for severe crimes, like treason or murder. Crimes have to be punished, and what way would we punish people who take life so easily? The death penalty has been active in most states since the 70s. In most states the death penalty is lethal injection. Lethal injection is usually started with sedation. Then they are injected with a string of drugs used to cause respiratory shutdown.

  • The Death penalty is given with a racial bias and is barbaric

    The death penalty is a cruel and unjust way of punishing a criminal. I do not agree with taking someone's life for no reason, especially when so many victims are proven innocent after they are sent to die. Many people are also sentanced a death penalty whith a judge using a racial bias. For example, 77% of criminals sent to death killed a white victim and 90% of the 455 men found guilty of rape and sentenced to death were african american

  • I do not agree with the death penalty because

    The death penalty is meant to ensure punishment in order to teach people a lesson. However, the death row only encourages what is wrong. How can you think that killing someone is going to stop others from killing others? People are aware of the death yet still we have news reporter reporting, everyday, that there was someone found lying dead in a ditch or a young boy being stabbed and even parents killing their own children. Why do we kill people who kill people, to show killing people is wrong? There is no end to the cycle: someone kills, the government kill, people don't care, more killing happens. Therefore were killing off people with no lesson being learnt and justice not being served.

  • The death penalty does not align with the original goal of the American penal system.

    The original goal of the American penal system was to reform prisoners. This was to prevent people from suffering the harsh and sometimes cruel punishments to which they were subjected under monarchy rule. The death penalty, however, does not prevent an opportunity for reform. Rather, it's a revenge punishment that, theoretically, exchanges one act of violence for another.

  • Death Penalty Is Inhumane

    I do not believe the death penalty is justifiable in the United States. We are suppose to be forward thinking and advanced. A land of the free. Yet, we still kill inmates from time to time, despite doctors being against it, despite issues with methods. I feel as though it is inhumane and we should seek to eliminate it.

  • Costs Too Much Money

    Housing an inmate costs around $30,000 per year. Multiply that by 50 years and you get a figure of $1.5 million over the lifetime of a life sentence. With the appeals process and court costs for death penalty cases, often times a single death row inmate may cost the justice system $2 million or more in just 10-15 years. It is far cheaper, not to mention more humane, to have life sentences without parole.

  • The penalty is wrong.

    The death penalty, I think, is wrong. There are many other ways of harsh punishments than just killing someone. The following show why I don't support it...
    1. If someone was actually innocent, but proven guilty, and given the death penalty... That's just wrong.
    2. I know it usually applies to murder, but the death penalty in this case is more or less revenge. An eye for an eye.
    3. There really isn't a "humane" way to execute someone. Isn't injecting someone with strange substances an unusual punishment?

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BabyGirlYouABlessin says2014-11-03T14:59:13.483
I Don't agree with the death penalty because my mother always told me dead man don't talk and the death penalty is over and quick I Believe that we should make the person suffer in a cell for life.