• To an extent

    I think the death penalty is morally correct, as long as it is within the right circumstances. Sometimes a person who has committed the most heinous crime, flat out deserves to die for what they have done. Take for example, someone who has molested children. I think they should be put to death.

  • Morally correct...How is it not?

    I'm not talking about someone that killed someone on accident or in self defense but was convicted of murder anyhow. I reserve the death penalty for the most vial crimes people can commit such as rape and mass shootings. These are just two examples. These kinds of people decided that they had the right to end peoples lives. That is morally wrong so why should we give them what they denied others?

  • It is morally unjust

    Taking another life under any circumstance is a morally unjust action, and it is just as bad as an act of retribution or punishment than it is under any other. The death penalty is a barbaric and archaic practice that needs to be abolished by all civilized nations and eventually the world.

  • No morally it is wrong

    I am all for the death penalty. I think it is necessary to punish certain people and scare off others. However if you are just looking at it from a moral perspective the death penalty is not moral. It is taking the life of another which I don't think can ever be morally justified.

  • Death Penalty is Not Morally Correct

    No, the death penalty is not morally correct or acceptable. Every human being has the inalienable right to life. As that right is inalienable, that right cannot be taken away, no matter what evils or atrocities that person may have committed. Thus, the death penalty is never and can never be morally correct.

  • Death Penalty Not Morally Correct, But...

    While the death penalty isn't morally correct, it's a practical solution to the problem of inmates sucking down state resources. Inmates that commit the most immoral and heinous crimes deserve to be put to death, and such a solution is practical. It's easier to get rid of these inmates than support them for decades.

  • Two wrongs don't make a right.

    I don't believe that the death penalty for any crime (no matter how severe) is morally correct. Handing a convict the death penalty is basically taking them out of their deserved misery! The convict doesn't face the punishment they ought to endure when given this penalty because its a "get out of jail free card."

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