• The death penalty is wrong

    To me, the death penalty is wrong. It is painfully clear to me that it is morally wrong on a variety of levels for various reasons, but it also ultimately does not serve justice. If you need to punish someone for something like murder, send them to prison. Let them reflect what they have done. Don't send them to their ultimate demise, to their permanent rest. Coming from someone who does fear death, I think the death penalty is wrong and ultimately should be abolished. That is my personal opinion though, I'm open to debates.

  • The Death Penalty is Morally Justifiable

    As long as the evidence in the crime is 100% clear and indisputable. It's obviously wrong to kill someone who is innocent or potentially innocent. Killing an innocent person is wrong! A life for a life is justifiable. Torture is not, but it may seem like it. If someone is indisputably guilty and they've committed murder than the death penalty is morally right.

  • It's very hypocritical

    So you're killing someone that killed someone to prove that killing someone is wrong? I fail to follow that logic. Since when was the government above the law? How does the government have the right to decide who lives and who dies? If we allow that, we'd be doing a terrible disservice to the community. I know the argument. "It protects our nation!" Well if we do everything we possible to protect our nation, (i.E.: death penalty, nsa spying, going through people's homes, racial profiling, etc.) we'd be a nation without morals. What's the point in protecting a nation if there's nothing in that nation that's worthwhile?

  • No death penalty, ever

    We have to progress as a society, and the death penalty is barbaric. First, it not our place to take lives. Second, there is always room for doubt about guilt - look at the number of cases that have been overturned by new evidence. Third, imposing the death penalty is more expensive than life imprisonment. So, you be the judge: look at the facts, and put yourself in the position of the hanging judge. And let conscience be your guide.

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neverland1234 says2015-03-04T22:30:56.707
Well i'm pretty much on either side here. I see why they would use the death penalty because its a death for a death situation. But on the other side i can see that the people should probably be put in prison for a really long time instead of being put to death... I'm not exactly sure yet....I will have to do my research on the topic.