Is the death penalty sometimes a good policy for a nation to have and sometimes not?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • I used to be against the death penalty

    However now, I find myself on the other side, as the tax payer should not be burdened with keeping a terrible criminal alive if they do not have the ability to reform. For example, a thief should not be put on death row, however a murderer who shows no remorse should be killed right away. It is a good policy for a nation to have sometimes, however strong checks and balances must be used. A country the size of America should have 5-10 executions a year under the system that I suggest, as it should only be used for the worst of the worst. Nobody 'deserves' to die as such, but we shouldn't waste our resources on somebody who will only rot in jail and not care about anybody else.

  • It is necessary for an effective, safe and free society.

    Of course there should be capital punishment. If there is no serious punishment, people will keep committing crimes. For murder and rape especially, the death sentence is acceptable. In Chicago, they don't have as strict laws and punishment, and they have a super high crime rate. We shouldn't be too quick to judge, but sometimes, there is no other option.

  • Of course it is

    Not only that, but I believe that the death penalty should be a more widespread practice used on prisoners who are in for life. If somebody has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of being released, then I believe that the humane thing is the death penalty rather than detain this person for the rest of their natural lives. Not only does it seem more humane, but we would not pay for these people to rot in prison. Finally, as stated below, the death penalty can change a society that is very hesitant to change it's ways by showing it that X crime is unacceptable and has very severe consequences.

  • It is relative to the culture and not in the way people usually use "cultural relativism"

    By relative to the culture I don't mean relative to the culture's opinions. I mean in considering the way that cultural factors interact and have real effects. For instance a culture where rape is often thought of as no big deal could use a death penalty against rape. That would help in sending a strong message that that cultural way is being abolished, it is no longer acceptable. Sometimes a big show is what it takes to change a society. It makes even more sense for that society to have the death penalty if securing a law of life in prison without parole is beyond the pale, because releasing a rapist into a society that supports rape is likely to do considerable damage to more victims. A good example of a country that should (and does) execute rapists is India. And the reason they should is precisely because their culture is too accepting of rape. Sometimes social engineering has to be undertaken with brutal force.

    But a culture where rape is widely understood as being wrong already may be better served with just locking them up, even having parole hearings after a point and trying to rehabilitate the offender. With a culture that is against rape and treats respect for women then rehabilitation would have more of a chance of working. But I would not say that society should necessarily have to give them the chance to be rehabilitated. It's understandable if they don't want to take that chance.

    Still you may be able to discern that the death penalty by promoting an ethos of "getting revenge" could do more harm than good in this case so that nation would be unwise to use the death penalty for rape in that case. The price of promoting a negative ethos of revenge might be worth it in a society that has too severe of a problem with rape.

  • Should be abolish

    USA already has a bad reputation in other countries because of the shouting and all that stuff. Killing people is the worst thing they is legal in the united state. I mean why would you kill someone that already killing 4 people: in the end the total victims of the story will be 5. This has absolutely no sense at all.

  • No it is not

    The death penalty should be abolished.All it is doing is killing more people.That is the last thing we want in the united states! For example,if someone murders someone but no one is sure if they did or did not,but they know that someone died,why give the death penalty to another person? That's all i have to say.I'm out!

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