Is the death penalty the best punishment for capital crimes?

Asked by: Juris
  • Capital punishment is the best punishment for serious offenses, such as murder.

    Capital punishment is an effective and more humane way of getting rid of serious offenders. It is highly unlikely that these serious offenders will be rehabilitated in prison. On the contrary, they will be become more violent, and will pose more of a threat to the general public when they are released.

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  • Best solution for capital crimes.

    Prisons costs money to build and run, and that money comes from the taxpayers' pockets. Why should society be made to pay for crimes they didn't commit?

    In contrast, a quick death would ensure that society doesn't have to bear the burden of having to keep the inmate fed and clothed, while at the same time purging it of the evil.

    It also serves as a deterrent for anyone thinking about committing a capital crime. If I knew, I would get my hand chopped off for stealing, I wouldn't steal.

  • It suits the crime

    There is nothing "immoral" about the death penalty. If someone wants to brutally murder somebody, that is their choice. Do not think we will put you in a prison, and feed you and clothe you until you die. Our recidivism rate is horrible for murderers, proving them to be nothing more than cockroaches and parasites to our society. I am not going to give parole to a killer to most likely commit the crime again. I find it sad that we focus on being nice to the murderers and the convicts families, rather than the victims themselves. This is the worst crime in society, so their should be the highest punishment available. It's simple, look at California releasing many murderers, which actually, went on to kill hundreds of innocent lives. We cannot afford these lunatics, so we need to dispose of them properly.

  • Prisons are not meant to housing people for life

    I believe prisons should only be used for people that can be 'fixed' and released back into society. A DUI, drug dealer,money launder, etc They do their time and learn that they can't do that again. But people who rape and kill others have no place in society. I personally don't like people like that living of my taxes. If they are unfit to ever rejoin society, kill them and be done with it. I also believe if you go to jail multiple times, you're just as unfit for society.

  • I hate supporting prisoners with my taxes.

    I don't think prison is cruel enough for most convicts.I'm an eye for an eye kinda person and if you're gonna murder someone you better be ready to have the same thing done to you. You can't tell me that any of you would have peace of mind if your loved one was murdered and the person who did it was simply locked away. Some of whom may not even feel remorseful about it so yeah there's my answer.

  • The death penalty is barbaric.

    The death penalty doesn't deter crime. It ultimately costs more to execute someone. It puts us on the same level as the criminal. It is nothing more than revenge. It can't be undone if a mistake is made in sentencing. We should have evolved as people beyond this. It's wrong.

  • Life is given not for death penalty

    It's too cruel to kill people as a punishment. Being in the prison IT IS a punishment. Also there are a lot of examples when people go to the jail even if they are innocent, and just imagine that innocent people will die. Put yourself in their place, do you want to die for a mistake that you did or even didn't? That is why we live - to make mistakes and mend yourself.

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