• Most likey yes

    The Homosexuals got their ways and won with the same sex marriage debate, They get to report anyone denying thier marriage at the church of their choice because they don’t accept what others opinions and sticking to those opinions. We all really need to just stop giving a care about anything really, Eveyone just over reacts when their offended by someone else.

  • Not really, sadly

    Just because same-sex marriage is made legal does not mean all the bigots and homophobes disappear. Bigots continue to try to make it illegal and/or push civil-unions instead. They will also continue to punish the LGBT community in other areas, besides marriage. Look at what is happening in Kansas right now. Under the new bill in Kansas, any individual, group or private business can refuse to serve gay couples if it is contrary to their deeply held religious beliefs.

  • Opponents of gay marriage should focus on proving that people aren't born gay.

    I have heard many people compare opposing gays to racism. This comparison is inaccurate because people are born black or white or Asian and cannot chose not to be. Homosexuality is different because no one is born gay.
    Genetics proves it to be impossible-Homosexuality is the desire for someone of the same gender as you. It is scientifically impossible for 2 men or 2 women to have a child together. If people with a "gay gene" were born gay they would not have sex (meaning that they couldn't have kids). Thus, if there was a gene for gayness, it would not be passed on. The gene, if it ever existed, would have died out after the first generation. If gayness is a recessive trait, then its increase in the general population would be illogical (real recessive traits like blue eyes have become less common in America over the years). Lastly if you were born either gay or normal, how could bisexuals be explained? And what about those who change their sexual preference over time? The answer is that homosexuality can not logically be described as genetic.
    Evolution also contradicts the born-gay hypothesis. It is well know that mutation naturally occur in all living things and homosexuality (maybe) could have been one. However, mutations that are harmful to the survival of the species quickly die out. Heterosexual sex is required to have offspring, therefore, people with a "gay" mutation would not be viable in nature. The two most basic animal instincts are the desires to survive and reproduce for a reason. The principal of "survival of the fittest" casts serious doubts on the ability of a "gay mutation" to survive.
    If opponents of gay marriage focus on people not being born gay, they will be able to argue that not allowing same-sex marriage is simply discouraging citizens from choosing to be gay.

  • The debate about same-sex marriage is not over.

    It is my opinion that the debate regarding same-sex marriage is not where near over. There has been no clear resolution in favor of either side. Some states support it, while other states reject it. Not until we have a unified, federal law mandating how these same-sex marriages will be recognized, the debate will not be over.

  • A long way to go

    The debate about same-sex marriage in the United States is still raging on. It seems that we are getting closer to the possibility of same-sex marriage being legalized on the federal level, but this result may still be decades away at this rate. The debate won't be over until this specifically happens.

  • Gotta Dot The I's and Cross The T's

    I believe the debate about same-sex marriage in the United States is just about over, but it won't end until we have the I's dotted and the T's crossed. Meaning that, while we've come a long way, there are still areas where these people do not receive equal rights and it won't be over until that happens.

  • Both sides of the gay marriage issue will be addressed at polls and with policy

    The debate about same-sex marriage in the United States is not over. While there are people who are happy that gay marriage is becoming more legally acceptable, there are also millions of silent people who are very upset over this. This issue will be addressed at polls and through policy with both sides endlessly debating.

  • Same Sex Marriage is still a front-runner in debates

    Discounting the opposition of same-sex marriage as defeated is wildly premature. A handful of states recognize gay marriage. That is fine. However, an overwhelming majority of states do not. Those that support gay marriage still have a long fight ahead of them. Supporters should capitalize on the momentum while they have it before something bigger comes along and the conversation stops again.

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