Is the decision of Lawrence v. Texas correct?

Asked by: holla1755
  • Yes it is

    It most certainly is. The opposing side supports regulations on happy you can be for no good reason. It was an unnecessary set of laws that meeded to be abolished to let our humans BORN into this world without our choice to be free- You know, the dream of America!

  • The Decision Abuses the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment

    There is no genuine legal avenue through which the decision of Lawrence v. Texas could have been brought. The Due Process Clause guarantees procedural due process of law, not substantive due process of law, and the Equal Protection Clause guarantees the equal enforcement of the laws, not the equal content of the laws. Furthermore, if the decision was correct, then at least one valid legal argument in support of the decision would have been provided in the case's opinion. No valid legal argument in support of the decision, however, was provided in the opinion. Therefore by Modus Tollens, the decision is not correct.

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