Is the definition of sexual harassment too difficult to interpret in the workplace?

  • Sexual harassment is too difficult to interpret in the workplace.

    Sexual harassment is too difficult to interpret in the workplace. There are too many forms and types of harassment that occurs in our workplace. Even though many companies do discuss and make their employees take sexual harassment workshops, the problem is still there. There should be something else that can be done.

  • No, it is pretty simple.

    Harassment is pretty simple, as is sexual harassment. If someone does something that makes you uncomfortable and you let them know you are uncomfortable with it, or ask them to stop and they don't, then that is harassment. The only thing difficult about it would be if the person was very shy and didn't speak up and make it clear they didn't like what was going on.

  • The defenition of sexual harassment is simple.

    Any comment, action, or depiction of a sexual nature that is unwanted. That is fairly straightforward. The way to identify specifically if something is insulting or harassing in nature is to ask, or listen to complaints. If something is complained about and is sexual in nature or bias, then the investigation should decide whether the complaint is truthful and relevant.

  • Sexual Harassment can be tricky- best to avoid.

    There's a reasonably easy solution to avoiding sexual harassment issues. Talk to work people about work issues. Don't flirt, don't joke, save social banter for social situations and 90% of sexual harassment issues could be avoided. Personally i just remind myself that the NSA is probably listening to every word any of us says. Chills the libido right out.

  • Sexual harassment is not difficult to determine

    No, I do not believe the that sexual harassment is too difficult to interpret with in the workplace. If a gesture or comment is sexual in nature then leave it outside the workplace. There is not confusion unless you are trying to slide pass the system. Things that have to do with sex or sexuality should be kept outside the workplace; it is very simple.

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