• Technology's effects on jobs and workers is terrible.

    As technology increases, the need for skilled workers may decrease in certain fields, such as medicine, construction, manufacturing, and business. Why pay a worker to do a job that a robot can do for free? Furthermore, why pursue a degree in a field that will be useless in a few years? It is possible that the increase in robots will eventually cause human labor to be minimal or even eliminated.

  • Yes, it is.

    It seems to me the demand for skilled workers are in fact declining. Many companies offer ways to teach you exactly what needs to be known for the job, and do not really require a certain level of education. Over the years companies who do this have been coming more and more.

  • Yes it is.

    As we move along as a country and evolve as to the way that we do things, we are changing and we are becoming much different in that regard. The demand for skilled workers is indeed falling, and we need to adapt to that if we are to survive together.

  • The demand for skilled workers increases as the demand for general laborers decreases.

    There was a time when people could work a factory job and make a fairly descent living. With education and hard wok a person became a skilled worker and could double and triple their financial stability. Today the demand for skilled worker rises as the jobs move more and more to specialized and selective career paths. There is a great demand for these workers but there is little resources to provide people with those skill sets to fill those jobs. The problem is that it may seem the demand is lessening but most of the skilled jobs are being filled by foreigners who had the resources in their countries to achieve these needed skill sets.

  • No the demand for skilled workers is not declining

    No, I think that the demand for skilled workers is not declining and instead is starting to increase. I believe that skilled workers are more in demand now than ever, and can find a niche in the economy on which to operate. Skilled workers will be much more in demand as the years go on.

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