Is the Democratic Party's gay marriage platform good politics?

  • Yes it is time for that change

    The Democratic Party's gay marriage platform is very good politics. Whether people like it or not change is coming. Gay marriage is going to be accepted in the US at some point and the Democrats are jumping on board and riding the train as far as it will take them.

  • Good politics within context

    Gay marriage is very much accepted by younger voters in both parties. What's interesting is how the Democratic party represents their stance. Many people consider that if two people love each other, they can get married, as a moral choice. But the Democratic party may occassionally consider gay marriage as progressive.

  • Inclusion is always good politics.

    There's a growing number of disenfranchised voters out there thanks to the Republicans, and that includes gay individuals who are often the target of hate laws enacted by the members of that party. By including equal rights, including equal marriage for gays, the Democratic Party re-enfranchises those individuals and unites us all in keeping America land of the free against evil conservatives.

  • Equality Is Politically Powerfully

    I believe when you have a group of people, no matter how they've elected to describe themselves, explain their lack of equality to the point homosexuals have, then a party that adopts their right to equality, is always a good political move. We have had issues with discrimination in our country in the past and this is just another example.

  • Gay marriage is good politics

    The democratic party's gay marriage platform is good politics. This is because politics that support things that are good are good. The marriage of people who choose to marry and happen to be gay is something that increases freedom. Freedom is good and the basis for our contry. This makes support of it "good politics".

  • Yes, Equal Rights to All!

    I believe that it's high time the government is taking a stand for homosexual relationships. I have friends that have been in relationships for years, who have homes together, raise children together, and who support each other financially. All they're asking is for the same benefits that committed heterosexual relationships receive. It's not much to ask, and it's one of the highlight reasons that I support the Democratic agenda.

  • Yes, being progressive on the gay marriage issue is long overdue

    I think that the Democratic Party's gay marriage platform is both good politics and morally sound. Discrimination in any form within a democracy should not be tolerated, let alone sanctioned by the federal government. It is wise of the Democrats to get out in front of this issue and stand up for the rights of gay citizens.

  • Everyone has the right to equality when it comes to marriage

    I believe that upholding peoples civil rights is always good politics because it is the right thing to do regardless of how popular it may be amongst voters. Everyone has the right marry the person they love regardless of sex and I like that the democratic party supports this. I think that this shouldn't hurt them at election time.

  • No, there are other issues.

    Gay marriage may be a hot topic but there are other important issues. I think some democratic candidates claim to be for it when they are actually against it because they are afraid of not getting elected. Gay marriage creates a slippery slope for allowing polygamy. I am not against letting anyone love who they want but I have a problem with hijacking terms like civil rights to promote their cause. One has to keep in mind they are wanting rights based on sexuality. Marriage like other rights needs defining and limitation. There are far more important issues.

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