Is the denial of gun rights in and of itself tyranny?

  • Yes It's Tyrannical, Communistic/Socialistic, & Supports Nazism.

    The Second Amendment Gives Us The Right To Defend Ourselves From Government Tyranny, Criminals, & Terrorist. The Second Amendment Also Give Us The Right To Own Guns. The Areas With Gun Control Have A Lot More Crime Then The Areas Without Gun Control, Gun Free Zones Do Not Protect Children Or Anyone Else. Gun Free Zones Put Innocent People In Danger. Schools Should Have Metal Detectors, Armed Guards, Armed Teachers, & Allow Concealed Carry License Holders To Go In The School With A Gun. All Law Bitting U.S. Citizens Should Be Required To Take Gun Courses On Gun Safety, The Dos & Don'ts Of Guns, The Different Types Of Guns, They Should Be Required To Have At Least 1 Gun In Their Home, & All Law Bitting U.S. Citizens Should Be Required To Carry A Gun With Them At All Times. The Second Amendment Does Not Ban Any Type Of Guns & It Supports Your Right To Own An AR-15, AK-47, SKS, Or Whatever Gun You Want To Own. AR-15, AK-47, & SKS Are Not Assault Rifles AR=ArmaLite Rifle. An Assault Rifle Is Fully-Automatic But The AR-15, AK-47, & SKS Are Semi-Automatic. An Assault Rifle Has "Safe", "Fire", & "Full", Or "Safe", "Fire", & "Burst" But The AR-15, AK-47, SKS Only Have "Safe" & "Fire". The Second Amendment Was Also Written To Include Future Guns. America Is The Largest Gun Owning Country In The World If The Government Started Taking Peoples Guns & Gun Rights Away We Would Have Another American Civil War.

    Anyone That Supports Gun Control/Taking Our Gun Rights Is A Communistic/Socialistic Nazi & They Deserve To Be Kicked Out Of This Country, Death, Or Imprisonment.

  • Bill Of Rights. Simple.

    Denying rights that were written for us in the beginning of this country is oppressive. We all have rights that we feel entitled to. Yes, everyone has a different opinion of what they may be, but we do have some written and enforced in America. So going against that is a step towards tyranny. When the Constitution was an act to rid of tyranny or at least lessen the offense. It's for fairness, and deny a simple human right enforced by your country is out right wrong.

  • Disarming citizens is the first step toward a dictator ship

    It violates our rights. Our bill of rights came basically from everything the British did to the American colonies. The rights stated in the Bill of rights were to prevent what the British had done to the Americans (then also British, their own citizens) from ever happening again. History has shown us time and time again that when the population is disarmed that the Government presiding over them takes complete control and tyranny reigns free. The Burma, Cambodia, North Korea, Belarus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Rome, Cuba, Zimbabwe Governments are all modern day examples of tyrannical Governments. These countries also happen to have very little or no gun ownership. History repeats itself, and while you may believe that something like this is not capable in the U.S., you best think again. Great Empires like Greece or Rome have fallen when no one thought it possible. It is already happening now, and if we do not stand up for our rights and defend them now, we too will be added to the list. Tyranny and treason already exist on a large scale inside the United States and is only becoming more and more oppressive.

  • 2nd admendment is there for a reason.

    Im not a gun owner, well not yet, but i beleive that having a firearm since it is written in the bill of rights, is a part of being an american. The bill of rights is there to keep the goverment out of our god given rights, and the ablilty to defend ourselves is one of those.

  • YES!

    The right to own and bear arms is part of our constitution. It is a principle that is symbolic of American freedom, pride, and patriotism. The only way this could ever happen and not be considered tyranny is if there was a vote which passed to amend the Constitution and remove the second amendment. The chances of this EVER happening are virtually zero. Confiscating peoples guns and/or denying them the right to have them without first doing away with the second amendment would, indeed, be an act of tyranny in its most basic and outright form. The government would, at that point, be in breach of our Constitutional rights which is controlling and oppressive, also known as tyrannical. This is the exact reason why our founding fathers were so adamant about normal, law abiding citizens being able to own weapons. Americans have the right to rebel. In fact our country was founded by rebels (although we refer to them as patriots). These men believed citizens NEED guns, whether for sport, defense against other citizens, groups who would mean them harm, or to overthrow a government that is no longer fit to rule. John Locke, who was a huge influence on our founding fathers, and thus, our constitution, teaches that all humans who are part of a society and nation enter an unstated "Social Contract" with their ruling party. As part of this agreement Americans give up basic freedoms and submit to certain rules in return for the protection and structure that a well run government and society provide. The flip side of the contract is that citizens have the right to overthrow a government that has become tyrannical, overbearing, or otherwise unfit to lead. More Americans should research why our government was set up the way it was in the first place, and why the Constitution was written the way it was. Those who helped make the Constitution a reality were very smart men, definitely the best group of politicians this country (and maybe the world) has ever seen. The American Constitution has been essentially copied by numerous other countries. People place way too much blind faith into our Government without gathering enough information to understand why the constitution is written the way it was. Taking guns will instill a sense of patriotism and rebellion in many Americans, and the results will likely end up being much more violent than anyone could possibly imagine. I hope our modern day government never makes the mistake of thinking it can transcend the principles with which this country was founded because it will probably mean rebellion and a lot of unnecessary death and violence.

  • Yes it is by the definition of tyranny.

    Tyranny is defined as oppressive power (especially exerted by the government). Is it not oppressive for a RIGHT to be denied? The question posed does not state the denial of the right is based upon anything. It is tyrannical. Suspending someone's right to a weapon based upon a crime or mental condition wouldn't qualify as tyrannical. However, that wasn't part of the question.

  • Yes, It Is

    Robbing the people of the right to defense, the right to bear arms, which protects the right to survive, live, and exist, is tyrannical. No authority does a government have to fundamentally sterilize a nation. The founders wrote "The people's right to keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed." for this specific purpose. When the government gets so out of control, so arrogant and tyrannical they believe they can trample the laws in place, and in fact do, the only thing to stop them is death. Of course removing the only defense and only hope of freedom is tyranny. Nothing else, can there be, to take away, the right to be free, this my friends is tyranny.

  • No, but it's still not okay

    Taking away guns is not tyrannical. It is, however, a good step toward tyranny. If America would ban guns, it would be trying to protect its citizens, not disarm them (They have the right interests, but a bad approach). Taking away guns is unconstitutional, immoral, and illogical, but not tyrannical.

  • No, It Is Not

    Denying someone access to guns is on its own not considered tyranny. With that having been said, it is certainly the first of a few steps toward a tyrannical government. An armed populace is one that can keep the government in check. The inability to do so makes it that much easier for the government to take over completely.

  • Not by itself, though it can contribute

    Tyranny is dictatorship, absolute rule without regard for checks and balances or the opinions of the people. While denying people weapons can lead to tyranny by making it easier for a government to ignore the will of the people, the denial of gun rights (or refusing to consider gun ownership to be an absolute right) is not by itself tyranny.

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